Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week: Hasbro Family Game Night games

Major Nelson's Blog writes:

"This week, Xbox LIVE Gold members can get the following Hasbro Family Game night titles for 50% off."

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ddelella3984d ago

This is the second time this deal has come around so if you didn't get the games the first time now would be a time to complete the collection. Suprised I haven't seen any deals on MS point cards. I think the main reason for this sale is that the new FGN3 is not coming to XBLA, at least it hasn't been announced. Personally I have played the new one and would not buy more than Life, Yahtzee Hands Down, and maybe Mouse Trap. Definately not worth the full disc price. Sorry Hasbro but bad move leaving the FGN XBLA fans in the dust.

lugia 40003984d ago

Is this the deal of the week or the deal of the supposed price tag week?