PSU faked 'interview' with Valve? (Update)

From " If you ever come across an interview with an anonymous developer from Valve, it might be a good idea to take a closer look if he uses terms like 'complexer'. It looks like the supposed 'interview' with an unnammed Valve employee was actually cobbled together forum posts by a ps3forums poster named 'HalfLifeDev'."

Update: – Official Response to “Faked” Interview Claim.

"Contrary to recent claims - we did not fake a recent interview with Valve. This is a wildly preposterous and libellous accusation that is completely unfounded and we treat it extremely seriously.

We have no reason to “fake” an interview and we would urge any proponent of this claim to take a serious, revised and considered look at our list of recent interviews we have conducted with many of the leading games development companies, publishers and industry experts in future before making such a baseless claim."

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TriggerHappy4062d ago

Guys think twice about the source that you get your news from because you never know.

bung tickler4062d ago

i wouldn't say i knew, but i had a stinking suspicion. valve has been very vocal in the past about not enjoying the ps3... no dev was named, and the grammar was horrible.

CNIVEK4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Anyone who EVER thought PSU was a credible source of ANYTHING besides FUD and unabashed fanboyism, is an idiot. They're about as legit as $,, and SonyDefenceForce. :o

ShiftyLookingCow4062d ago

I don't think PS3Fanboy is anywhere near SDF. 599USD is a parody site(with a giant enemy crab).

Rooftrellen4061d ago

$ is a satire site isn't it?

I know its not 100% pro Sony, anyway, after reading an article on there about everyone joining together with the PS3 to kill casual gaming. It was pretty funny.

RadientFlux4062d ago

Wow that is bad, PSU should lose all credibility with all gamers

madness4062d ago

fo sho. they just lost me as a regular.

BIadestarX4062d ago

Actually they will lose credibility with Sony fanboys community... That's the reason why they come up with these lies. Sony fanboys are not interested in the truth but on someone like(PSU) to tell them what they want to hear. Let me give you an example. The review that PSU gave Lair (8.5/10).. compared to other more credible sites (IGN 4.9).. which one do you think Sony fanboys will take as true? Instead they just justify the bad game by saying that IGN are a bunch of xbox fanboys...
PSU will be ok... they can lie and make stuff up as much as they want... nothing will change. These fanboys sites are there to serve and protect Sony... wherever it takes... and Sony fanboys encourage that.

Lex Luthor4061d ago

Spot on always.

ThaGeNeCySt4062d ago

smh... and irrational people believed that 93-94% power garbage

Meus Renaissance4062d ago

I contacted those who know the Admin of that site to get confirmation of this.

TriggerHappy4062d ago


Well the link to the site have been taken down, it used to be over here :

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The story is too old to be commented.