Secret Get: 5 Steps to Great Collectibles in Games

Collectibles can either be a massive chore or an irresistible compulsion. Here are five steps to make finding items fun.

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admanb3858d ago

Missing one step: the player should not be cut off from the collectibles.

illegalyouth3858d ago

I hate collectibles -- they almost always just feel like busy work.

Sadie21003858d ago

I do too but yet I'm always compelled to get them, whether they're useful ones or not. I wish all developers would follow the advice of this article.

Gungnir3858d ago

I hate collectibles that only have a limited window to get. It sucks when your only option to get 100% is to start over.

choadley3858d ago

All the time I wasted getting all the collectibles in Donkey Kong 64 are rushing back to me. Make it stop!