IGN: Gran Turismo 5: A Final Look

The wait has been longer than a car show snack bar line, but Gran Turismo 5 is finally (nearly) upon us. You've been reading about Sony and Polyphony Digital's driving simulator since 2007, when we caught our first glimpse of the game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. You've read hands-on impressions, seen damage modeling, looked under the hood, and followed along with our string of previews at annual trade shows

Our next step is to review the finished product, which we're all set to do at 12:01am PST / 8:01am GMT on Wednesday, November 24th.

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Hellsvacancy4510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

Shouldnt you play the game 4 afew months b4 reviewin it?

Edit: Ok, maybe not months but its a massive game, summin your gonna need 2 spend abit of time with

I dont give a damn about IGN anyway (yes i know i posted this but if i hadnt sum other mofo would hav)

T9X694510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

It's a racing game, not a MMO. Don't be stupid.

@Motorola - I think if anyone is going to give it a low score, Gamespot will be the one judging by how retarded they were in their video coverage.

@deadreckoning666 - It was horrible, the guy was like "This is how long it takes to load AFTER you install the game?", and made a "Wow" face. They seemed like they had no idea WTF they were talking about, I stopped watching after like 5min that's how bad it was.

deadreckoning6664510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

Was GS' coverage really that bad? I haven't seen it yet. I heard they even compared the drifting to Hot Pursuit. Thats pretty crazy right there considering GT5 is a sim and Hot Pursuit is an arcade racer.

@Motorola- I remember last gen, I was HIGHLY dependent on review scores, but I've realized that reviews don't really hold much weight with me anymore. If I play a beta/demo and like it, I buy it. Whatever score IGN gives GT5, it really shouldn't deter ANY GT fan from getting the game.

@CosmoGramer- Why are you trying to get a rise out of people? Thats clearly your objective every time you post.

callahan094510d ago

His comments on the load times were especially offensive considering we all know damn well that this guy loved Forza 3, never complained about its load times, and yet all the videos I have seen indicate that the load times in GT5 are about the same if not up to 10 seconds faster than the load times in Forza 3.

ShinMaster4510d ago

This racing game just happens to take at least weeks to experience most of it.

You can't finish GT5 or any GT game for that matter, within a couple of days like most days.

mikeslemonade4510d ago

yay Game of The year 5 comes out tommorow

Bereaver4510d ago


That's what I'm saying! These load times are no worse than forza's load times.

STONEY44510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

At least this guy wasn't as gawd-awful at driving as the Gamespot guy, he was TERRIBLE.

Guy playing game: "Cockpit view sucks" *switches* "Who would use this view?"

He basically said that at one point O.O

And the guy complains at how he couldn't drift like in Need for Speed. Um, you're driving with all assists on, in fully automatic, and expecting to be able to do good drifts?

Complaining how the car models aren't that great... you know... when he's driving an imported PSP car. -_- Then only races with premiums about twice in the whole video, the rest with standards.

He claims the game is too forgiving, then a few seconds later he talks about how hard the challenges are because you fail for crashing into other vehicles too hard or spinning into the grass. He couldn't avoid crashing into the vehicle RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. And during races, he constantly tries to use other cars as bumpers to turn corners.

showtimefolks4510d ago

what is a review score anyone who needs a review score to buy GT5 isn't interested

gamespot to me since the whole kane and lynch have been honest lol

pre-ordered it my area isn't doing midnight launch so i guess i will have to pick it up wednesday at 12am

ShinMaster4510d ago

*like most "games"

That's what I meant hahaha

visualb4510d ago

"It's a racing game, not a MMO. Don't be stupid. "

its a racing game with a heavy online component who's servers aren't up yet, so yes, it does matter.

then again, it doesn't require a few months, but def. at least a week or two

and don't be rude, he wasn't being stupid.

DavidBanner4510d ago

I agree these guys didn't even know how to change the driving line in the game.I am sick if reviewers been bias.If it was Forza then 105/100 but its GT5 its 10 years in the making oh look all cars dont have interior etc.
My point is look at the share content of the game Rally,Nascar,Go-cart,over 400 cars (lol),night racing,new tracks,extensive race mode,online racing.And you know what? its not an arcade racer its a SIM,so get over it.They have even made things easier for fans to be able to drive.
Stop the bashing and picking at petty things and enjoy what is a good game.
The economy would be better if you lift up developers and not try to pull them down.

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Motorola4510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

I have a feeling IGN will give it a mediocre score and it will get great scores everywhere else. It no way deserves it but IGN is very unpredictable. Still getting it DAY 1

mintaro4510d ago

How do you know it doesn't deserve a mediocre score? Through experience with the game I hope.

Motorola4510d ago

If its anything like previous GT games, it doesnt deserve it

djfullshred4510d ago

Maybe you should read the article before commenting. It isn't intended to be a review.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon4510d ago

I stopped paying attention to IGN ever since their RDR and MW2 reviews.

pain777pas4510d ago

Listen guys. There are very few main sites that you can trust anymore. So you will have to be the judge. There are many games that don't score well that you like. I like RR and buy it regardless of reviews. Same with Street fighter or Tekken. There are some series where I just couldn't give a crap about the score same goes for studios and developers. PD as a developer has never let me down.
I'll use Bioware to prove my point. When Jade Empire was getting bad reviews and sites were stating that the combat system was broken I still bought the game and enjoyed it. Anything Bioware put their name on is usually great even if the reviewer has no clue of the engrossing intangibles to some titles. Kojima productions does have the industy by the balls in the sense that you don't say their games are bad because a) they are deep and you missed the point and/or b) too many great new ideas that work could not be denied. Naughty Dog, Bungie, Santa Monica, Bioware, Bethesda, R*, Insomniac, Sucker Punch and Nintendo have proven themselves to me. It doesn't take much for me to get excited over a new project that they are working on from their studios or teams that they run. I will say this, I haven't played a GT that I did not like no matter how hard the reviewer tried to make me not like the game. Too polished and too good. The PSP title was very good. I was stunned at how much I liked it considering the reviews that were slagging the game. I have a couple of minutes I play that game. Reviewers have agendas.
Some reviewers try to advance the industry. For example a reviewer like Greg Kasavin and in some respect Keith Van Horn who probably fought for Demon Souls to be game of the year last year mind you. Then there is those that try to belittle the pioneers to make them seem either out of touch or try to indoctrinate that you are missing some crucial element that you would die to live without it. Some like simple games that are more pick up and play. Some like pick up and play with hidden depth (insert my name here). Some want the best execution of a clear idea. You will get a high score if I can see where the team was trying to go with this game and they did what they set out to do (insert my name here). Some like to have a game that can be controlled well enough and does something new. Meaning if there is nothing new you get a bad review. Whatever the reviewers philosophy is, there seems to be no consistency from most sites. Some single player games get 10s then another will get 8 because of the lack of multiplayer. What? Not all shooting games need multiplayer (insert Bioshock and Drake 1 here). Now a days you should rely on word of mouth from gamers. I read more reader reviews than site reviews. Look at the 10s going for the pacman game which could be good from IGN then look at the readers review score average. Look at the same thing for games like Braid. Truth be told I have knowledgeable gaming friends that give me incite on FUN games regardless of the review score.

moparful994509d ago

For me the only reviewer that holds any weight anymore is gameinformer.. They have odd reviews some times but for the most part they are very fair.. But regardless I don't let reviews determine my purchases, I buy based off of my own experience with said game....

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Arup024510d ago

When i say this kind of article does only brings trollers and ****oles, everyone says i'm wrong. But just look below and you'll see i'm right.

Ducky4510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

Well, I don't see it getting high scores on reviews anyways.

I mean, five years in development and still no airplanes? Battlefield is a better driving simulator.

Arup024510d ago

I missed the dinosaurs on GT4, i hope GT5 will have lots of them.

soundslike4510d ago

gt5 still doesn't have dual akimbos wtf

N4WAH4510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

All I am saying is GT5 better have zombies. I am sick and tired of wanting zombies and PD never coming through. Every other game has them.
It's just not fair!

irepbtown4510d ago

I'm sick and tired of not being able to go into space.

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PinkFunk4510d ago

wow. Funniest series of comments i've read on N4G in a while. Truthful and representative of gaming pop culture.

But seriously, GT5 better have Kinect support or it is FULL OF FAIL$%@!

teehee :P

djfullshred4510d ago

trollers & a-holes will post on these forums no matter what articles are out there. They feel compelled to communicate their idiocy to the world.

Kithara124510d ago

GT5 has gotten nothing but disappointing feedback across the gaming media. It makes me worried.

I might cancel my preorder. :(

Xusuyzus4510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

Yes,..Morons, that apparently should not have driving licenses,.. think sim is an arcade(even drifting is apparently more realistic in NFS),. want to make mario kart levels in simulations-and tools are not as good as in modnation-races),..
and apparently shape your opinion,.. You go girl !!

anyhow people check this german's channel,.. has some awesome vids with commentary

ilikestuff4510d ago

wait to see what real life people say about it before u cancel, game sites are ran by bozos, wait a week and check some forums and see what real people say, the people on youtube that got it early seem to love it

XI_-Minty-_IX4510d ago

"Seriously get off the GT5 hype train!
My brother got the game early. It's alright, but nothing really to brag about.... just a few added features.Lol he is already bored of GT5. We enjoyed GT3 better.

I honestly think need for speed hot pursuit is a lot more fun. Sony fans will be sony fans though"

^A little something from your past comment history. I decided to look because I remembered you said something about already having it. Looks like I remembered right. Troll elsewhere.

lodossrage4510d ago

LOL @ XI_-Minty-_IX

the way you caught the troll in his or her lies is great!

Xusuyzus4510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

(never-mind misread and to disagree fu2 )

nycredude4510d ago

What is NFS? Is that like Not Safe for Work?

ComboBreaker4510d ago

21 people misread Minty's comment and missed the quotations.

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GoldPS34510d ago

Disappointing feedback from who? And why should you cancel your preoder? You buy games by peoples opinions?

SoapShoes4510d ago


Um no it hasn't...

DavidBanner4510d ago

Are you crazy..fall for the propaganda to bring a company down.God and enjoy your game you payed for it.

specialguest4510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

She's not cancelling her pre-order, because she probably doen't own a PS3, and she's working her way up to being the next big n4g troll.

Check one of her fan-girl comments:

Yeah whatever. Your brother got a early copy of GT5 and he is bored of it? haha Online mode isn't even up and running yet, and that's one of the main reasons to play GT5.

BABY-JEDI4510d ago

@ Kithara. That comment is total BS & you know it

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MGRogue20174510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

If you own a PS3 & have the slightest bit of interest in cars at all.. then you should be buying Gran Turismo 5. 'Nuff said.

GT5 is the main reason for why I bought my PS3 Slim 250GB :)

UnSelf4510d ago

mine was God of Turismo 5

i mean Gran of War 3

IRetrouk4510d ago

mine was mgs4 and heavenly sword.

Lyr1c4510d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 here.

irepbtown4510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

Mine was because:
PS3, It only does everything.

No lies, that REALLY got me hooked to it.

Then I was planning on buying a 360, but the games then turned me to PS3. (MGS4 etc).

bananlol4510d ago

Mine was gta4/guitar hero 3. Lucky for me the only ps3 available was the uncharted bundle:)

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