Kotaku - Kinect Can Also Turn You Into A Bloated Mutant

We've seen some fun and sometimes funky homebrewed uses of Kinect for the Xbox 360, thanks to the release of open source drivers for Microsoft's camera sensor, but how many of those apps support house cats? This one does.

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Xfanboy3796d ago

Kinect is a failure and Move is a failure..
that settles the console gimmick war..

Lord_Doggington3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

wow i think it looks pretty badass. so it can recognize fingers?

edit. these videos are amazing. the one w/ the cat is crazy

Biggest3796d ago

It's a camera. Cameras don't exclude fingers. The tracking and game applications are unable to detect fingers. This is not proof that Kinect can track fingers. It's proof that Kinect is a camera.

ct033796d ago

In case you haven't noticed, this application builds a full 3D model of the person based on a depth-computed normal map. It also allows you to change the lighting (because the blobby fat guy is in full 3D).

A simple "camera" does not allow you to do this. Without depth information you can't build a 3D model.

Lord_Doggington3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

biggest, did you even watch the videos? there's no way a normal camera can detect a body and then cause individual aspects of the body to be altered. it tracks the skeleton of the person and recreates the person in 3d.

Biggest3796d ago

The camera didn't do ANYTHING in there. It was all software. You do understand that cameras can see, right? Anything it can see can be altered by software. A camera alone does nothing more than capture an image. The software takes the captured image and recreates it.