Bitchin' Concept Art - Dead Nation on the PSN

Dread Central -- "PlayStation 3 owners are going to be having a lot to scream about come next week when one of the best damned horror themed top-down shooters of the year, Dead Nation, arrives for download on the PlayStation Network! To celebrate the dead on arrival, we have a got a look at some of the game's more, shall we say, creature like zombies!"

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andron4699d ago

The free theme had some awesome pics too...


The Best Twin-Stick Shooters on PS4

There isn't a shortage of quality twin-stick shooters on PS4, but if you're after the best, here's a list of them. Why not play them with a friend?

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melons1667d ago

yeah, shame about the clicks for each entry though

TheRacingX1667d ago

The VR version of Stardust is an incredible experience, even for those that get VR sickness, the game gives you the feeling of floating in the vastness of space, but the motion sickness is removed, its colorful, flashy, and amazing to play


IBD Podcast #13 - Housemarque and mastering the twin-stick shooter

Housemarque is famed for its downloadable console games including Super Stardust, Dead Nation, Alienation, PS4 launch title Resogun and now Nex Machina. The veteran Finnish developer has made a name for itself crafting, precise, polished, technically accomplished and visually striking titles in publishing partnership with Sony.

With its latest title, Nex Machina, launching for both PS4 and PC, Housemarque is taking its first step into self-publishing. Working in collaboration with pioneering developer Eugene Jarvis, who created arcade classics such as Defender, Robotron: 2084 and Smash TV, Nex Machina represents both a refinement and evolution of Housemarque's design principles, as well as an opportunity for the developer to directly benefit from establishing and retaining its own IP.

Here, Housemarque CEO Ilari Kuittinen and head of publishing Mikael Haveri discuss how the decision to self-publish has led to greater autonomy, a collaboration with Eugene Jarvis and how a game titled "Death Machine" could mean a new lease of life for the company.

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7 Terrifying Horror Games That You Can Experience Together With a Friend

Scared of playing horror games by yourself? Here are 7 scary games that you can play with a buddy. Pee your pants together.

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haleymaclean2321d ago

This list is needed because I defiantly couldn't play them by myself.