Sony to Challenge Apple and Microsoft In TV, Movie Downloads

Two years after taking the helm of Sony Corp., Chief Executive Howard Stringer is quietly preparing a big move to expand the company and challenge rival Apple Inc. in an area that has thus far promised more than it has delivered: video-downloading services.

People familiar with the situation say Mr. Stringer is planning to use Sony's technology-packed PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable videogame machines, along with its Bravia high-definition televisions, to develop products and services to let users download television shows and movies, similar to the way they download music and videos using Apple's iTunes store and iPods. A Sony spokesman declined to comment on the company's strategy.

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LSDARBY4087d ago

hopefuly we'll here something before the end of the year

TriggerHappy4087d ago

Definitely at TGS am sure..

mighty_douche4087d ago

im sure there will be alot of info coming at TGS, have you seen the list of games their showing! they obviously want to have a big presence there!

TriggerHappy4087d ago

Yeah so far they've been doing just that at all press conference. Their presence at E3 was enormous as well as GC and they have a history of always having the biggest booths at TGS so this is going to be pretty big.

Ri0tSquad4087d ago

and get this to us ASAP there so behind with this and they have an easy advantage.

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Bleucrunch4087d ago

With sony picture at there disposal sounds like a great plan to me.

mighty_douche4087d ago

wants to be the next microsoft and get a piece of every pie and with all the problems and bad press M$ has recieved lately this is the perfect time to strike!

Greysturm4087d ago

They already are as diverse as Microsoft or maybee even more diverse since they already are a presence in consumer electronics, software (mainly games), music, movies, financial holdings, etc. I wouldnt be surprised if one of this days they launch an operating system just for the fun of it :).

Lightning Mr Bubbles4087d ago

looks like a jerk. Anyway of course this needs to happen. Video download is gonna be a must pretty soon. If not already.

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The story is too old to be commented.