General Black Ops Zombies strategy guide

SG: Nazi Zombies, or just Zombies in Black Ops is pretty freaking fun. Shooting zombies and buying kick ass weapons just never gets tiring. In Black Ops, however, the zombies gametype is much more difficult. That’s where I come in. This week, I’ll be doing a series of guides for all things Zombie. First up, the general strategies, then money making. Finally, map strategies for both Black Ops maps.

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-Mezzo-3855d ago

Black Ops, is my first COD games since COD4, which means i missed 'World At War' and up until now i firmly believed that this Zombie Mode thing was over-hyped.

But after playing it myself, i firmly believe that it was worth all the praise.

Great Guide.

kparks3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

what is up with all these zombie guides and tips like i said in the other article if u want to get into the mid to high 20s psn kparks and this guy is a idiot DOUBLE TAP A WASTE OF MONEY LOL HAS NO CLUE WHAT HES TALKIN ABOUT obviousley has not been into the high rounds!! like i said ill help u out but in the mssg box write n4g or sumn but if u have a xbox or sumn and want a guide hit me up with a pm!!

Hayabusaman3855d ago

There is no doubt about that brother this game actually has mor ebang for the buck.

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