Could you ride the Oregon Trail for 24 hours? These gamers are for Child's Play

The Oregon Trail is a game that always seems to hold a special place in people's hearts. Even though the gameplay isn't the best, and your journeys rarely met with success, everyone feels the game is near and dear to them. That doesn't mean you'd really want to play it that much. However, one group of gamers is preparing themselves for a marathon of The Oregon Trail for charity.

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CombineElite3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Oregon Trail!!

The very first PC game that I ever played, on some IBM computer with a green screen no doubt. The game came on like three 5.5 inch Floppy disk. No matter who died got sick or how many wagon wheels broke you better believe we were going hunting cause that was the best third person shooter out back in 1982 LOL.

PC Gaming at it's finest.

chickenbutt3862d ago

Oh man. This game was great. I don't like the newer ones though =/