Five Silliest Gran Turismo 5 ‘Headlines’

From the article:

"If there’s one thing that Gran Turismo 5 is sure to do it’s grab headlines. No other PlayStation game since the launch of PS3 has managed to gather quite so much pre-release hype and it’s not even out until Wednesday.

We’re big fans of the Gran Turismo games here at PlayStation Future but there are already enough stories about how fantastic Gran Turismo 5 looks so we thought we’d have a tongue in cheek look at some of the silliest headlines Gran Turismo 5 has managed to attract in the last few weeks:"

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FlatulentGhost3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Do we laugh or cry at what has become of console gaming?

The Sony/Playstation haters are running around screaming like a nuclear bomb is just about to be dropped on them and they are frantically flailing around screaming and yelling hoping it will go away.

Back before Microsoft made their entry into the console market garbage like these headlines never existed. There was hype. Massive hype for major platform exclusives. But Nintendo fans, Sega fans, and Playstion fans all had the class and self respect to never be so pathetic as to try to trash a competing platform's exclusives.

It is a sickening mindset that comes straight from Microsoft employees themselves:

Infamous GT5 Neogaf Microsoft Fanboy Poster Actually Works For Turn 10

Or just google for 'Che Chou', a Microsoft/Turn 10 employee, who has been pathetically attempting to trash GT5 in virtually every neogaf thread for the past three years. He sucks so bad at hiding his trolling he managed to get a tag making fun of his pathetic GT5 trolling.

Can anyone imagine a Nintendo or Sony employee trolling another console's exclusives in gaming forums? It just doesn't happen. Nintendo and Sony don't hire those types of people. Nor can anyone imagine a Nintendo or Sony fan in the media desperately making garbage articles like those listed because they think it will somehow help their own console.

Capdastaro3754d ago

I'm sorry but Sega and Nintendo did nothing but trash each other

Sega does what Nintendont

visualb3754d ago

true good sir!

but now days we have internet

and the internet allows anyone to be an expert and a journalist!

and above all! remember!

WaggleLOL3754d ago

"I'm sorry but Sega and Nintendo did nothing but trash each other

Sega does what Nintendont"

You have to be joking...

A cute little marketing slogan is somehow comparable to Microsoft employees secretly trying to trash a competitors exclusive in gaming forums???

Kain813754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

-Alpha3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )


How can you compare the "headlines" to "back then"? Are you really trying to imply that the crazy headlines we see today are MS's fault in some way?

N4G is relatively new, and MS is relatively new to being such a significant platform this gen.

I've never seen headlines come before because there weren't sites like N4G promoting such content. The massive amount of new independent gaming sites have popped up out of a result of this generation. I've seen too many times people trying to pin/justify/excuse PS3 fanboyism by stating MS started it. Was there any proof MS HIRED the guy to smear GT or was that that employee's own doing? Furthermore, he could have easily worked for Sony or Nintendo. Do you think MS has some "Evil meter" to judge who gets hired and who doesn't? This is borderline conspiracy. I am not denying MS's tactics as a business but you use one guy as an example who happens to have worked for T10. Blame that one guy, or even blame T10, though it's not really their doing as a company. But don't blame the whole of MS as if they specifically hire guys based on being slimy dirtbags.

Btw, here is a Forza article talking about glitches

Notice the comments? How about the first one? A sarcastic "Good job Turn 10", "Some racing sim!"

Replace GT5 over Forza and the N4G crowd will call it a smear campaign. But when it's Forza, it's clear that the game is terrible. The attitude towards the games is painfully obvious. The N4G crowd will defend one over the other. You don't hear anyone getting away with "They can patch it" or calling out that article for smearing Forza.

The "GT5 has no HUD off option" article was in no way flamebait, it stated a fact: you can't turn off the HUD. I have no doubt that if this was about Forza the N4G community would have jumped that gun.

Yet immediately everybody gets defensive over it. I honestly didn't see the big deal. Maybe it's because I'm not as invested in the debate. But seriously, what was the big deal? Yeah, it has no HUD. Too bad, maybe it can be patched.

Instead people jumped to the conclusion that the writer, who simply stated that it was a small disappointment, were trying to destroy the game.

It's ridiculous how insecure some of the comments have been. From the way things are shaping people on here are going to flip out over any sort of criticism.

This is not to say that SOME of the GT articles are silly flamebait. But the N4G community easily has double standards here. This goes both ways, but if you compare the link above to any of the GT articles and then compare the comments it is easy to see the double standards.

Once you guys learn to get rid of the crappy flamebait all together instead of cherry picking the ones that you approve of then maybe N4G can shape up to be a more professional site. But as long as the people approve one over the other then don't start getting upset when the other side does the same.

-Alpha3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Sorry, that Forza article may have come after the game released, but the point is that regardless of when GT criticism articles are released, they are immediately shut down regardless of how true or valid the criticism may be. It's the same for anything else PS3-related around here, the community just doesn't tolerate any criticism and immediately thinks the worst.

My point to you, ghost, is that there is no use blaming just MS fanboys, or trying to act as if the flamebait articles come out of jealousy only on the part of 360 fans when anti-360 news is just as bad. The difference is that one is promoted while the other isn't. It was no different at the start of this gen, but the tables have turned yet I'm STILL seeing people do the exact same thing.

While you may think MS is more to blame, I think the ease of running a website, attacking any favorite product, and then getting hits for it is to blame for sleazy headlines in general.

Blitzed3753d ago

We have them here on N4G as well. Just check out the comment history of cygnuszero2. 400+ comments all trolling GT5.

Its pretty obvious in my opinion that this guy is an MS employee posing as a disapointed fan of the game.

Ducky3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

On the flip side, couldn't there be people who work for a company and praise their own games?

Would explain why some people go at each other's throats over sale figures. =/

Blitzed3753d ago

He is not praising his own game, he is bashing the competition posing as a diapointed fan.

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MaximusPrime3754d ago

...and brace yourself for more to come.

N4GAddict3754d ago

The review articles should be fun

raztad3754d ago

You are right Maximus. This is just the beginning of something the epic proportions.

N4G is gonna be a huge battlefield. Sad and fun at the same time.

Fortunately reviews will start pouring at the same time the online part of the game gets up, and fans have their copies running.

ryuzu3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

That shouldn't be the case but after the Gamespot Live preview today, I think a lot of reviewers are going to be very badly misinformed, that'll lead to bad (and rushed) reviews and that will make a lot of people very upset indeed.

Particularly when the online side of things is being activated at release time - I don't see how any credible reviews can be published this week as a result.

There's also a cryptic comment about features still to be announced that "even SCE London don't know about".

This rollercoaster seems to be out of control - In retrospect I suppose this is the biggest game of this gen so no surprise everyone wants their piece of the pie...


Joni-Ice3754d ago

When the reviews start hitting the net it would be like the second coming of christ. Panic would overcome.

GamerSciz3754d ago

Passion of the Christ 2: GT5 Released

OT: Funny article and points out the obvious but so many people lack common sense and are blind to see the obviousness of things nowadays.

The Lazy One3754d ago

Yea... "Can't turn off the hud in GT5," which is true makes less sense than "Is this GT5 or real life?"

Ducky3754d ago

Some people honestly can't tell the difference between the two... even with the HUD on.

Dnied3754d ago

haha good idea for an article

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