Homefront Preview, As An Asian American [Game Revolution]

"I realized that among the crowd of Canadian and American journalists and game designers, I was one of only two Asians at the event. (I squinted really hard.)" ~ Nick Tan

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CombineElite3863d ago

Asians, Europeans, Zombies, Nazis, Aliens, Opposition Forces it doesn't matter who your shooting as long as the game is good. just don't use a swastika as your clan emblem or you will get banned.

insertcoin3863d ago

Agreed. I wasn't really bothered with the thought of killing North Korean invaders. What was troubling to me is that in the timeline of Homefront, there is the Racial Wars, the reaction of some Americans attacking Korean Americans out of pent-up hatred against the invaders. So as an Asian American, I immediately began to wonder to what extent this would be true if it ever truly happened in the real world.

3863d ago