Is Buying Used Games Bad News?

Game Podunker Khorne writes, "Video games aren’t cheap, for consumers to buy or for developers to make, it makes sense then that the consumer will want to pay less for a game and to the consumer that’s all a used game is: A cheaper version of the same game. But to developers it is a loss of profits. A lot of developers have complained about the used game market but only a few companies have actually done anything about it. EA’s online pass is one such method of getting people to buy new games but I feel removing a feature from a game to sell to people who don’t buy the game new is underhanded and just a little evil. So how do developers get people to buy their games new? Well after discussing this issue with my cat (she’s such a good listener) I have some ideas that all those developers that read my blog can put to use...."

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NYC_Gamer3858d ago

some games arent worth full price

aviator1893858d ago

so true. the majority of the games released should not carry a $60 price tag when most of those games are just a few short hours long.

Quagmire3857d ago

Is Making Crap Games Bad News?