Dtoid - Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Review

Jim Sterling: "Despite a few issues with AI and animations, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is an absolutely superb effort from Game Republic. It remains charming and sweet without ever becoming cloying or twee, with a genuinely interesting story and a wonderful character in Teotl. The gameplay feels at once traditional and unique, and the overall experience is both remarkable and memorable. No other game released this year has quite so much heart as this."

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UNCyrus4984d ago

Impressive score... I loved Folklore, and looks like they revamped the formula and made a great game this time around!

nveenio4984d ago

I thought the demo of this game was hella lame. And, yes, I had to pull a word from 1997 just to describe it.

Bass_fisherman4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

Well for moi it was totally rad dude! And, yes, I had to pull some words from 1994/5 just to describe it. lol....

cowabunga dude! 1990 :)

UNCyrus4984d ago

Want to throw gnarly and tubular in there for the hell of it?

R_aVe_N4984d ago

That is totally bogus dude. It is not as righteous as you might think... 8)~

HolyOrangeCows4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

I thought the demo was the cow's meow.

I think Jim gives high scores to games that he knows should get more attention than they will. Like Deadly Premonition.....F K IN DA COFFEEEEEEEEEE

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vhero4984d ago

9.5? d-toid probably thought it was a 360 exclusive..

Rage_S904984d ago

no way is this a 9.5 game played the demo i bet if this was named the last guardian it would change to 6.5 :S

kancerkid4984d ago


I didn't know you could review games and slap scores on them after playing a demo...

killer_tornado4983d ago

"9.5? d-toid probably thought it was a 360 exclusive.."

Dtoid gave fable 3 a 5.5
Crackdown 2 - 4.5

Rage_S904982d ago

i cant but i get a feel for it boy you should hear the voice acting in that game......seriously....

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zeddy4984d ago

this just a last guardian ripp-off. cant be done im afraid.

kancerkid4984d ago

Do you understand that you just said that Majin is a ripoff of a game that is not even out?

Are you really that stupid?

I would praise a developer who could rip-off a game that has only released a teaser trailer...

DigitalAnalog4983d ago

That he would give this a 7.0 or lower if this was a PS3 exclusive.

-End of Line

Ch1d0r14983d ago

Here is some advice for you, DON'T TRUST Jim Sterling. I would rather trust IGN or Gamespot than that jackass.

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jc485734984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

I just ordered this today at Amazon just in case the price changes. It's 39.99 right now. I was planning to pick this up at kmart with 50 dollars worth of coupon I have in hand, but they totally screw me over when they've decided to carry Splatterhouse instead of this game.

T9X694984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

Great score, but I personally didn't like the demo for this game at all. I got bored rather quick and that giant troll thing that follows you around reminded me of Sloth from the Goonies.

@Dipso - It's not, that's actually one thing I liked about the demo. Shit was funny as hell.

Dipso4984d ago

"and that giant troll thing that follows you around reminded me of Sloth from the Goonies."

you say that like its a negative?! :-)

NecrumSlavery4984d ago

The demo was weak. This game looked great until I played the demo. Jim's word is as good as dog crap, but I may rent it one day.

T9X694984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

I agree with NecrumSlavery, I was actually interested in this game until I played the demo. What makes this great is I didn't even realize this was Jim's review, the way he scores games just amazes me, it's like he's bipolar or something. If he's in one mood, the games a 9, if he's in another mood, the games a 5. It's like there is no in-between.

NecrumSlavery4984d ago

I agree with you T9X69 on Jim's bipolar way of reviewing things.

There was an episode of QORE on Majin. The theme was cool, the trailer looked amazing. Hell even some people were comparing it to The Last Gaurdian.

The game is ugly. Everything looks like it's made out of shards of purple glass. Nothing is smooth, the gameplay is so mediocre, the Majin is a retard and talks like a tool like Sloth. He doesn't have that jolly beast sound like, I don't know, Ludo from The Labrynth. So I can't figure out how for the life of me Jim Sterling gave this game a 9.5/10. Sad to see his up and down reviews, the next game on the chopping block is GT5. Watch the toolbag give it a 6, or what ever number rolls out on his Dungeon and Dragons Die, he uses to figure out the scores.

Chris3994984d ago

Voices were so-so, the intro was a bit lacking. The controls were floaty. Visuals were average.

I'm not trolling, that was just my first impression. I'm going to download it again and see if there's something I missed. Maybe I was just in a pissy mood :)

Knushwood Butt4984d ago

I like Game Republic and was looking forward to checking this out.

Then I played the demo...

Thought the intro had nice presentation and decent VA. Then the 'gameplay' started proper.

First, that beast should not be able to talk. As soon as it talked it was a huge turn off. What made it worse was the voice acting was terrible: like a stereotype, 'I'm big and stupid', kind of thing. Ugh.

Then there was the gameplay, or total lack of it. Command a NPC to play an action game for you. Wow, that's interesting. It's no better than me sitting down with my wife, passing the controller to her, and telling her how to play a game. Sorry, but that's not what I look for in an action game. Strategy RPG? Fair enough. Action/adventure? Er, no.

It's a pass for me. Anyway, with GT5 out on Thursday it probably would have been a pass regardless of what I thought of it.

Dipso4984d ago

Jims been plugging away and hyping up this title for months now..I don't think he could have allowed himself to dislike it. ;-)

Great to see this little game getting such high profile praise, an 8 from Game Informer and a 7 from Edge, not bad at all. I expect to see some polarising low end reviews before the week is out, these type of games always have that love it or hate it effect on critics.

Its not out in Ireland until Friday so I've a full week of tiptoeing around the internet to avoid spoilers. Can't wait.

Forbidden_Darkness4984d ago

The troll thing gets a giant splinter at the end of the game and dies three weeks later in an animal hospital from an infection because the vets didn't have a clue how to deal with such a thing.

The End.

*Spoiler warning* ;)

TheHater4984d ago

"Jim Sterling".....Yeah, I stop reading right there. This guy is a moron and shouldn't be allowed to review any games.

lordgodalming4984d ago

Yeah, I clicked this before I saw who had reviewed it. Just about to click "Back" in 3...2...

Acquiescence4984d ago

then I saw the sky-high score alongside it and I was livid!

Then I saw "Jim Sterling" and realised it was all for nought :(

I'll wait on some other reviews I think.