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ryuzu3864d ago

Wow - pictures of the box...



HOSe3862d ago

i dont understand the 24th release here in the us.. oh well, 430pm tomorrow i will own it

BornToKill3862d ago

Tomorrow's battle is gonna be INSANE here on N4G

GT5 fans vs the Xbros.

i can't wait! lol


New Multiple trolls accounts are in the way to bash GT5.

I just added 10 New accounts to my Ignore list, all of them multiple trolls account, is just ridiculous.

The real killer3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Why don't N4G banned troll acoounts?
Last time i got two accounts, one for me and one for my son and yet the account from my son get banned and i get two weeks restriction penalty , i don't get anymore.

People use multiple accounts for trolling and those wimps from N4G staff do nothing and yet the account for my son get banned becouse i have two and i do not use for trolling.

I don't get it, i have last time discussed with N4G community manager about why i have two accounts and yet they do nothing about it than banned.

Xusuyzus3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

We already won,..

xbros in denial big time ,.. we actually don't care,..we will be playing this for months and years,..

Perjoss3862d ago

Just got back from the oxford street midnight launch, not many people there, around 30, but I did see a few people buy the signature edition. GT5 is installing right now :)

Xusuyzus3862d ago

will take an hour, I've heard.. watch a movie or something,..

dazreah3862d ago

Takes about 40mins but for some reason the timer says 20, it sat on 3 secs for 5 mins lol. But if it speeds up the load times its not to bad i guess.

Perjoss3862d ago

update: it says 20 mins to go but it took 1 hour and 23 mins.

3862d ago
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