PS3 price cut at TGS?

The simExchange has released an analyst research report indicating that it believes Sony needs to drop the price of the PlayStation 3 in the coming weeks or months in order to remain competitive with the Xbox 360 in North America.

The report, by analyst Jesse Divinch, indicates that either a USD 100 price cut or an added-value bundle would help to reduce the apparently widening gap with the Microsoft console.

If Sony does announce a price cut, the logical time to do that would be the Tokyo Game Show, taking place later this month – and such a move might have repercussions on the market share in its home territory as well.

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TriggerHappy4153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

I don't know about a price cut, is possible, but I know for a fact that Sony will have something big up their sleeves and so will all the other companies.

Announcements am expecting :
Ninja Gaiden from Msft and something that will wow Japanese gamers
Sony, Two confirmed Unannounced exclusive titles, and more details about the new TV service
Nintendo will probably announce a new franchise from their first party studios as Miyamoto was reportedly working on new characters.

Herbert14153d ago

I think the price should be £299 with no games and then i might think about buying one instead of the Xbox 360.

ktchong4153d ago

Good news for consumers.

hfaze4153d ago

C'mon Sony... If they could pull off a $400 PS3 without losing their shirts, they would sell a LOT of PS3's this Christmas season...

More than likely, we'll just see a $500 80GB PS3 though... Personally, here's to hoping for a rumble SixAxis announced at the TGS!

Maldread4153d ago

I agree, it will probably be a 500$ 80gig PS3, and not another drop in price. I can`t see them dropping the price to 400$ this year.

I hope they have a rumble sixaxis, but that could be something to com next year too. I really hope there`s going to be a price drop for Europe soon (maybe TGS isn`t the right place for that though), as i might pick one up if it does.

Maybe something from Team ICO will be shown, and while i`m dreaming the FF7 remake hehe ;)

Hugh Hefner4153d ago

If you are thinking of buying a PS3 now don't!!! Price is going to come down significantly soon and you will save money by waiting a little more!

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The story is too old to be commented.