Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Splatterhouse HD Screenshot Comparison (720p HDMI)

Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back to another exciting Head2Head Screenshot Comparison! This week we bring you a game that will relaunch of one of our all time favorite series, Splatterhouse for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. We've been waiting for this game for quite a while and we can't wait to see A) how the game plays and B) which version you should be picking up come Tuesday. So come on into our little Splatterhouse to see which version is shaping up to be the one to own."

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RudeSole Devil3863d ago

Xbox 360 looks better AGAIN! Anyway both look good, can't wait until tomorrow.

BrianG3863d ago

It looks better for some pictures, others have more aliasing in the 360 version. Also one picture was missing some lighting for the 360 version.

Also why is the PS3 version always brighter in lens of truth? Do they have Super White on? Or is it something else.

I personally like the PS3 version better, but they both look very close to each other.

Masterchef20073863d ago

It is called TV settings my friend. By adjusting them correctly you can get both versions to look the same. Theres a German sight that does really good comparisons

PirosThe4th3863d ago

They never turn full hdmi range on... :P

Motorola3863d ago

Tie for me. I dont care Im not getting this

ct033863d ago

As always, Lens of Truth has been unable or unwilling to match up the gamma in these shots which appears to be the only difference between the versions.

Lens of Truth comparisons are fairly useless, Digital Foundry is a lot more knowledgeable and also discusses the differences in-depth.

Biggest3863d ago

Is it just me, or is the game just ugly in general? First it was Black Ops. Now we have this. Why aren't graphics getting better for some developers?

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Jamegohanssj53863d ago

WTF is splatterhouse any way?


ZombieAssassin3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

It's an older franchise they are trying to bring back. I believe this is suppose to be a remake of the original, they are beat em' ups with horror themes.

ryuzu3863d ago

From the article
"As you can see with these rollover images, both version are looking very similar to one another. What we can tell, both versions seem to have matching texture quality and performance levels across builds."

So uh, yeah.... What you're basically saying here is that your article is...uh.... well, an utter waste of time.

Thanks, my secretary will show you out....


RudeSole Devil3863d ago

How would you have known this? NUMB NUTS!

ryuzu3863d ago

What use is it to know this? Answer : None at all.

Well done.


Soul Train3863d ago

Don't worry about him Rudesole, he is another one who only owns 1 system...and its most likly the Wii. If you don't care then don't comment ryuzu, rather then make immature ones.

VenomProject3863d ago

I used to own more than one system, but my 360 kept crapping out on me.

donkeydoo3863d ago

I do so if you don't need to know then go away!

ryuzu3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

You NEED to know that splatterhouse looks identical on 2 consoles? Really?

I thought you'd only be interested in LoTs where the 360 was judged as better but I'm beginning to see that in fact, you just want these articles without caring what the content is....

Nice. I guess you've got this preordered and everything lol


If money is so tight for you, why don't you sell one of those consoles. My family are rich so I just get what I want whenever - sucks to be you I guess haha

donkeydoo3863d ago

Unlike you, mommy and daddy don't buy me my games so when I'm about to drop $60 on a game I want the better version.

BTW no matter how close you think they look there will always be differences. NUMB NUTS~! 8===D - - - O:

Sea_Man3863d ago

@RudeSole Devil: Don't even waist your time commenting back to that assclown! He obviously has no clue. It must suck only owing a Wii!

Balt 3863d ago

The blood looks better on the PS3 version, some of the lighting does too. Overall both versions have certain things that make them seem better than the other when not looking directly at them at the same time, though.

So, yeah, really this is one instance where if you got the game on either system you wouldn't be missing anything over the other version.

Shogun Master3863d ago

I've been wanting this game but I have to wait for a few reviews just to make sure its not your basic hack & slash. As for the comparison, they look pretty close.

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