Here’s What The Canadian Military Wanted With All Those Video Games

A lot of you may remember the somewhat condescending, although amusing, news story Kotaku wrote on the Canadian military ordering a $25,000 shipment of video games.

Contrary to what a lot of sites reported, the Canadian military really wasn’t putting on a gigantic LAN party in Afghanistan. Find out what they are using the games for after the jump.

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DaThreats3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Messed up
If igot COD Modern Warfare 2
and my buddy got Tiger Woods jaja

pat_11_53863d ago

I think I'd rather have Tiger Woods, the series can be really fun, especially if your playing multiplayer.

TheSleepyGamer3863d ago

"What do out troops need?" "More effective gear that could help save their lives?" "Nah.. some video games."

Still good to see a morale booster.

pat_11_53863d ago

That's a pretty valid point, I think the under funded and under equipped Canadian military could have used the funds better else where. But like you said, it definitely is a pretty awesome morale booster.

Kind of an interesting selection of games though.

blind-reaper3863d ago

yep to get out of the routine of war you go an play some Call of duty.

TheSleepyGamer3863d ago

You could look at it as being combat training.. with respawns.

DaCajun3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Combat training? lmao I hope you're joking because if you believe COD gives you combat training and experience then you are a fool. COD and any other FPS video games is nothing like the real thing and if you don't believe come ask us veterans on our website

Nothing like real combat, just an escape from reality.

TheSleepyGamer3862d ago

I'm not an idiot, it was just a joke.

scar203863d ago

Dam dat's crazy but they deserve it.

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The story is too old to be commented.