Microsoft: There Will Be A Halo Movie

At the Future of Television East conference last week, Microsoft's Frank O'Connor sat on a panel that focused on the grail of transmedia.

Halo's franchise development director is a shortish, stocky guy who looks like a feisty boxer. And he's proud bordering on arrogant about the lauded series of games that sold so many Xboxes. "We want to have Halo on any screen we have access to," said O'Connor. That would be the height of ubiquity indeed.

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DoomeDx4453d ago

Thats the 100th time i readed something like this.

eferreira4453d ago

lol let me guess, the rock to play as master chief?

ilikecookies4453d ago

Does that make any sense? Technically, No one will be Master Chief since no one knows at all what he looks like.

karl4453d ago

he still needs a voice u know..

oh wait he doesnt.. j/k

but seriously .. an actor is needed at least for the voice

if they are making a CGI MC

eferreira4453d ago

they always screw up video game movies. Watch they give him a face and some stupid back story like his family was murdered by the arbiter.

004453d ago

They should totally get the guy who did the live action commercials for halo3/reach.

SuperKing4453d ago

I'd prefer if Studio Blur did a CG movie of it.

004453d ago

but those commercials sold me on there being a live action movie.

Kos-Mos4453d ago

Directed by michael bay. And that would be the end of the box brand.

Kos-Mos4453d ago

I sincerely hope that you think he`s a bad director or else you should do something quick.

Forbidden_Darkness4453d ago

I think Peter Jackson could do an amazing job really, just look at District 9. Him or James Cameron are my best bets for doing an amazing film with such a big universe.

If anything, Michael Bay would be better then most other directors.

Cenobia4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

District 9 wasn't directed by Peter Jackson.

Neill Blomkamp co-wrote and directed it.

Peter Jackson "presented it", which means he produced (basically he put up his money).

Forbidden_Darkness4453d ago

@Cenobia: Yes, my bad, i thought i had just read something that says he was the director so i never thought about it, but looking at my DVD case, you are right, sorry about that.

socomnick4452d ago

district 9 was garbage.

Id like to see alfonso cuaron make it.

Either him or ridley scott

Kos-Mos4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

Michael bay made the worst movie of all time: pearl harbour, and ever since it`s junk for teenagers. N4G obviously isn`t the place for people that have great understanding of movies.

Edit: people believe in Cameron after avatar....oh no!

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