StrengthGamer: Kinect Hardware Review + 7 Games reviews the Kinect hardware, plus 7 games (Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, Your Shape Fitness Evolved, Sonic Free Riders, Adrenalin Misfits, Fighters Uncaged, and Dance Central).

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AvidGamerrrr3859d ago

I hate the games for it right now. the hardware is amazing, but the games suck!

8-bit3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

You are half correct..

I would go as far as staying that the hardware is amazing IF.. It tracked finger and wrist movements too.

Shanks3859d ago

the hardware sucks too?

T9X693859d ago


It can

Wether or not developers will implement it into a game is a wait and see, but it can be done.

EVILDEAD3603859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

LOL @ this fan blogger review..

Kinect Sports is one of the best motion games out there..period

Look at this guys review

'And for the love of God please don't play Bowling. Wii bowling is a million times more fun. The fact of matter is putting spin on your ball is an intricate part of bowling strategy and you do not have the ability to do that. Final verdict so-so.'

Internet ducktales..

If you want to spin you simply roll your arms across your a spin

The game clearly shows you before you play it..oh wait..the reviewer didn't play it..he cut and pasted from other articles and pretended to play Kinect Sports..

Kinect Bowling is actually on par or better than Wii Sports because you actually have to emulate bowling motions. Because your avatar actually follows your's 100 times more immersive than any motion controller bowling on the market.

Anybody whose played Wii sports knows you can sit in your chaire with a drink, flick your wrist and get a strike. In fact, the Wii avarar doesn't even come close to emulating what you do as their are set motions.

Fun factor? Kinect Sports Bowling immersion is as my personal fave..Wii Sports Resort's 100-pin bowling.

Table tennis is a blast, the fact that he can only say it's horrible and only compare it to Move's Sports Champions is telling. It's not Sports champion which is definately accurate but also requires a learning curve. What makes Kinect sports stand out is it's easy to become competitive and it does'nt require prior practice for it to become a party game fave.

What Table Tennis has over ALL the Motion controller games is it can easily be played over Xbox Live which is huge when it comes to replay factor.

What the reviewer didn't mention as well about all the games is Kinect sports has a party mode which is an absolute blast and honestly the star of the show. I've had major sessions with family and friends where you split up the teams and go head to head in Party mode and it's probably dome of my favorite moments this gen.

What Rare got right about Kinect Sports is balancing fun factor vs. simulation. But one thing is for sure, I've been gaming for a long time and for the first time in the history of gaming someone got track and field right. Kinect killed the days of tapping 'X' button a thousand times at the speed of light just to run. When you compete in K. Sports you compete..and although you may become winded..winning against some one in split screen is rewarding.

But, that's just my humble opinion of playing this game since launch.


EasilyTheBest3859d ago

Good reviews apart from the Kinect sports one. My fav game on Kinect Sports is the Table Tenis and I find it easy to put spin on the ball.
The reviewer says that Bowling is poor because you are not able to put spin on the ball. Did he read or watch the instructions, you can put spin on the ball and its simple to do. My 70 year old mum can do it...

T9X693859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Agree, I think Kinect Sports should have scored much higher than Kinect Adventures. Kinect Adventures isn't bad, but it doesn't have that lasting appeal that Kinect Sports has. As far as the spin on the ball, he shouldn't have skipped the tutorial, but hey some people just skip everything to play, then complain when they can't do something right. It's like trying to build something without reading the instructions, then blaming the product because you were to lazy to read.

AvidGamerrrr3859d ago

If a tutorial is required for a motion based game with no controller, it isn't built correctly. TutoriAL should be hold hand like holding ball, throw ball, twist wrist like you would to put spin on ball. I watched the tutorial and it didn't work all that well.