The Top Seven: Donkey Kong Country songs

GGTL: "The music of Donkey Kong is something to be treasured, and we have David Wise to thank for that. While no longer working with Rare or the happy family of apes, Mr Wise’s harmony of sounds is his legacy, and that’s what we’re focusing on today. After all, Donkey Kong Country Returns is just days away, and what better way to celebrate than by taking a retrospective tour of some of the series' finest tunes?"

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SmokexFFx3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Stickerbrush Symphony ftw!

"I close my eyes and I travel back in time. My memories awake- I see myself grabbing the controller, my eyes fixed in an ecstasy of colors, I rush into the forest trying to avoid the rat and the bee, I lose myself into this beautiful music, and my thrill is running high. Then, my mom calls me to stop playing and finish my 4th grade homework.
Suddenly I open my eyes, and a cry sweeps over my face: thank you, Donkey Kong, for making me feel like a child again. I will never forget."

-Someone on youtube summed it up best.

CDbiggen3864d ago

Warning! This article contains nostalgia.

MartinGlow3863d ago

Yeah, DKC2 definitely has possibly the best soundtrack in the series. I agree with the order in this article.

jeeves863863d ago

I looove DKC music. I would just hang out in the bonus rooms just to hear the music.

lizard812883863d ago

i would have ranked Snakey Chantey higher, but yeah, the whole DKC2 sound track is amazing