GSC: DX10 innovations "not worth the energy"

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. creator GSC Game World reckons that efforts to introduce DirectX 10 innovations into PC games at this stage in the API's life is essentially a waste of time for developers.

"...minding that DX10 is undoubtedly richer and more flexible compared to DX9, the graphics quality achieved through the time of its existence is so high that the innovations which can be integrated into games within a rather short time would simply be insignificant and not worth the energy, time and money invested", GSC graphics programmer Igor Lobanchikov has told CVG.

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MK_Red4066d ago

Well, to devs DX10 isn't worth the energy. To consumers, it's not worth the money. Then what's it worth for?

bootsielon4066d ago

Just like Xbox 360 (well, the last one I don't know)

MK_Red4066d ago

I submitted this story but was beaten by TnS... God, you are fast.

Back to topic, the only PC games that I really want to play are Fallout 3, Spore, StarCraft 2 and Witcher.
Non of them requires DX10 so there is no game for me that needs DX10 (Maybe Hellgate London a little).

gEnKiE4066d ago

Things definitely are not looking good for dx10 or vista....for a gamer, no one wants vista. M$ needs to just get rid of the pile of crap along with dx10......theirs no need for either of them right now..

BrotherNick4065d ago

Maybe they should just give us directx10 for xp, and not try to force us into their next version of windows.