What to Expect from the PlayStation 4/PS4?

GB: "A few days back, we brought to you a spectacular feature, in which we listed out some possibilities we would like the Xbox 3/Xbox 720 to incorporate. In continuation of the same series, keeping up the promise we made at the end of our previous article, we now present to you this piece of work, in which we will discuss some possible features of the PS4, and how it can become a better console than the PS3."

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gameseveryday3856d ago

Thats part of every major launch, plus a delay does not mean a bad hardware, sometimes its for the better!

blackbeld3856d ago

Agree. Also Xbox720 can never be better then any PS4 heres why..... PSN is free!

firefoxprime3856d ago

Although this is focused on the PS4...I hope you all are aware MS won't be releasing a "XBox 720/3" Appearently the Kinect/360 is what they are relying on. Crazy? Thats your call.

deadreckoning6663856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

I expect to be no part of it since it'll cost an arm and a leg. Same with the next Xbox. The PS3 still hasn't reached its FULL potentially yet IMO, so it has about 7-8 years left in it. After that, it'll be good ol' affordable portable 3D gaming with the Nintendo 3DSi Lite Advanced Alpha Omega Pocket lol.

@8-bit- As far as high powered HD home consoles, yeah. There are tons of other things I can do for fun besides gaming. Also, I think there are better things I can spend my cash on.

@Maria- I believe you mistake me for 8-bit. If you think all of my comments are negative, I suggest you read my comment history. I find it quite amusing that you say I'm always negative, but you say nothing about Saaking or 8-bit, when given the opportunity.

8-bit3856d ago

So this is the last gen you plan to participate in? Have fun with that

MariaHelFutura3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

"There are tons of other things I can do for fun besides gaming."

Like being negative about everything about gaming on N4G.

gamerdude1323856d ago

If that's your opinion and that you have "better things" you can spend you money on, why do you have an account on this site and comment? If games aren't all that much to you. Why even post on here anyway? I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just trying to figure you out.

poopoojames3856d ago

deadreckoning is the coolest dude on this site. Leave him alone.

TripleAAARating3856d ago

" As far as high powered HD home consoles, yeah. There are tons of other things I can do for fun besides gaming. Also, I think there are better things I can spend my cash on."

Then as gamerdude asked, why the fuck are you here?....this is a GAMING website mind you were the users discuss GAMES.... if you have "better things to do" take my advice and get the fuck out......

EDIT: I'm cursing cause I really don't like the tone of your comment, it seems to me you are trying to belittle all the users here on N4G by claiming you have "better things to do" and that somehow makes you better than all of us who cares about gaming.....

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billbox20103856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

I dont like both ps4 and wii 2. Both are too costly than what they are actually NOT worth of. And most of all over hyped. I prefer xbox 720 to these two. And i dont mind to pay even extra money if xbox 720 is going to upgrade and update soon. I will definitely not buy ps4 or wii 2 ever.

anyway, Microsoft is probably going to release the Xbox 720 on 2014, so Sony has to counter that with a ps4 by 2012.

MariaHelFutura3856d ago

That is easily one of the most ridiculous comments I`ve read all week. Congrats.

blumatt3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

What...a...dumbass!! haha I couldn't top the stupidity of that comment even if I tried.

internalbit3856d ago

What a retard, seriously .....

PLASTICA-MAN3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Better have full ray-traced games and a holographic display to destroy all competition from the start otherwise a delay would be better!
Anyway we will certainly witness the extremely exploited PS3 in its last days sighing games that will have better graphics than the first gen PS4 titles like we did with PS2 and PS3 (GOW2 vs Genji : Atlas, Cronos titans vs GiantEnemyCrab => Oh come on! :p)

kaveti66163856d ago

Ray-traced games?

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha haaahaha


RevXM3856d ago

Reay tracing isnt that good.
Sure it looks good, but it costs more than it tastes.
You can get almost as good lighting and using way less calculation power.

For ps4 I expect it to be no fucking Jaggies, tesselation and more interactive games. I mean almost lifelike physics like truly deforming mud, dust particles, 3d vegetation, say bye to them flat leafes...

Rich smooth visuals realistic physics in everything and better sound, yup thats it.
Then lets hope it does everything next time and that will have some polished and creative games.

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Balt 3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

PS3 has been out for 4 years in Japan on the 11th and the states as of the 17th -- As per history we always see the next iteration in the Playstation family's console line 6 years after the one before it dropped.

PS1, December 1994
Ps2, March 2000
Ps3, November 2006

We won't see PS4 until 2013 at the soonest on retail shelves. I say we see what the PS4 is all about at E-3 2012 and the following year its release. That's how Sony's always done it and that's how they'll handle this one.

raztad3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

"We won't see PS4 until 2013 at the soonest on retail shelves"


I'm not in a hurry tho. The PS3 can produce some fine visuals, and by the time the PS4 lands, most developers (both first and third party) will be producing KZ3 level visuals, which are good enough for me.

I'm guessing the PS3 will still be supported with games for a while, so I'll be fine. On top of that I wouldnt be surprised PS4 first gen of games look like upscaled Ps3 games.

Tru_Ray3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Following your logic, shouldn't we see the PS4 by 2012? I am confused...

Anyways, I think that this article is wrong on a few accounts:

1) The PS4 will not incorporate Blu Ray discs. It will be the first device to support whatever the next-generation optical format is.

2) The PS4 will be expensive at launch. Sony likes to be on the cutting edge of technology. The components alone for the device will cost in excess of $500.00 at launch. It is true that the PS3 struggled at launch due to its high price, but they are in a position to sell 15 million PS3s this fiscal year. That is not too shabby.

3) The PS4 will likely incorporate a next-generation version of the Move (I shudder at the thought).

4) The PSN will be much more robust and integral to the user-experience. Hopefully we will be able to download more full-retail games day & date with the optical format release (e.g. PSP).

5) Backwards compatibility will not be available at launch. If nothing else, they proved this generation that it is not a priority for their business anymore. This will encourage early adopters to buy PS4 games.

RevXM3856d ago

# 1, the ps4 will support Blu-ray and use blu-ray as its native platform, sure download will be stepped up.

Blu -ray as far as I know is avalable from 25-400 GB discks compatible with ALL existing players today.
Ps3 reads at 78MB/s, 50 GB will still cut it for most games but there will be LARGER ones for sure and the read will be wastly improved. Blu-ray wont retire for a long while.

#3 Move 2? No way Hardcore fans want Dualshock like pads and Mouse and keyboard support above anything fancy like move.
The hardcore is the first ones to buy the system.

Other than that, I think you are right. :)

Xfanboy3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Consoles are never day1 4 me 6 months later maybe..

Thegamer413856d ago

Dont forget though, this gen, firmware updates is just one of the ways of keeping consoles up to date unlike the Ps1/Ps2 so they are able to have a longer life cycle.

TOO PAWNED3856d ago

Who ever comes first i am getting that console. If it is MS, that would be first non Playstation console that i purchase.

MariaHelFutura3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

I`ll buy both, unless convinced otherwise. With the new Xbox, I`ll wait a bit to make sure they don`t have any serious system problems. I`ll buy the next Wii aswell, as long as it`s HD and not lagging so far behind technically.

Eu3856d ago

People with your kind of thinking was MS main target at the launching of the X360...look were that lead them....

Maria's way of thinking is a better way taking in consideration MS past problems with RUSHED hardware.

halocursed3856d ago

I hope this time around they release it much earlier than the next xbox!

TheGrimBunny3856d ago

Who knows what they are going to do next, plus they can keep updating the software on the PS3

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