ELSPA Weekly Chart - Nintendo Wii

Has Big Brain Academy finally managed to knock Wii Play off top spot in the Wii chart?

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ItsDubC4064d ago

WiiPlay has been up there for a long time, but I'd like to see more 3rd-party games in the Wii Top Ten.

On another note, Big Brain Academy makes for an awesome drinking game. My girl and I had some ppl over Sunday night. We played Mindsprint, and any team losing a best-of-3 had to take shots. 3 hours later, we switched up to Monkey Ball cuz ppl were too faded to think straight lol.

Rooftrellen4064d ago

And Monkey Ball is so easy when you're drunk, right? I'm sure that actually made for some very funny moments.

I think we'll see more 3rd party games when more 3rd parties actually try with the Wii. Right now, Nintendo is showing them how to do it, but, come next year, we should see more 3rd paries there as they see how to succeed on the Wii.

PS360WII4064d ago

drunk along with Monkey Ball and oddly enough the most entertaining of the games then was Jump Rope! Ah that was hilarious

But yea once 3rd parties actually put forth some effort on the Wii they can be on the top 10 but right now they just use it for some quick cash...

ItsDubC4064d ago

Haha let's just say Monkey Ball requires a lot less thought =) We ended up playing jumprope, tightrope, Monkey Target, darts, and the spearfishing. lol, funtimes.