Kinect GEL Ride: The Full Story?

Game Babble: As I’ve said many times before, I generally try to keep excessively “bloggy” posts off this site. However, with one of my own videos going viral, I figured I’d give a little background. The video in question?

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T9X692887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Make sure you watch the 2nd video in the article.

This is pretty interesting as I've tested this quite a few times today and had different results. As he said in his video, he's only played the demo, and so I have as I don't own the full game. Standing up, I slammed into a wall and had no help steering what so ever. Sitting down, I had no no help steering and slammed into the wall just like when I was standing up. However, the first time I played sitting down, I sat on the edge of my coffee table as it's further back in my living room. The second time I played sitting down, I sat in my lazyboy which is what I normally sit in while gaming and it was about 2-3 feet closer to the TV, and it did steer automatically but not the whole time.

So it might have something to do with sitting down from a certain distance and how you have Kinect set up, because every time I played Joyride I always was sitting down and this never happened until I tried different ways of playing to see if I could get it to work.

toaster2887d ago

LOL Saw this on reddit, the video is freaking hilarious.

ryuzu2887d ago

Yah - perfect for casual gamers. I mean what hardcore gamer plays games while sitting down?

Wanna a bathroom break? No problem, just go ahead. Wanna get some soda? Yah no problem, game'll be here playing itself.

Wanna sit down and play the game? Welllll, we didn't figure anyone would want to do that...


Strange_Evil2887d ago

LOL he should put a dummy with his hands facing outwards the next time. Seriously it would get bucket load of hits on youtube!!

8-bit2887d ago

That video was great. He finished 3rd place without even trying. It's hard to deny it but T9X sure does try.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2887d ago

In mother Russia the Kinect plays you!

gamingdroid2887d ago

I think it has something to do with Kinect thinking you are a child when seated as you appear smaller and attempts to assist you in having more "fun"...

I believe the earlier games uses the older technology for motion technology.

N4WAH2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Now I knew Kinect was geared towards the casual market but I didn't think it was so casual the games would play themselves. Just power the system, load the disc, grab a snack and beverage, sit down and watch the game play for you. You place 3rd and got a track record. Good job!

Regardless of the situation this is becoming sad. WTF was MS thinking with this device and why are some defending them for going in this direction? <- That part I don't understand the most.

RageAgainstTheMShine2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Does Microsoft thinks xboxers or gamers in general are too dumb to play real games?

What happened to the "You are the controller!" slogan when the game controls the game for you, "dumb ass gamer"?

They even put a useless/worthless animated icon for gamers to follow that will have no effect on the gameplay.

Typical Microshaft!

Expect no less.

This is their idea of the future of video games.


who are you to talk about credibility?

where is your credibility?

show us

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jack_burt0n2887d ago

whats disturbing is that people thought it was fake!? the guy has kinect he has posted all kinds of articles on it, as soon as he says something that doesn't fit with the PR bull he gets slammed. I am glad it went viral.

T9X692887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

So, I have Kinect also, and anytime I post that it actually works I'm told I'm lying. This is a random guy on the internet with no credibility, and I'm in the same position as him. So the only reason you're glad he posted it, is because you want it to not work. You only believe want you want to believe, rather than the actual truth.

Also all the reviews have been bad for this game, and this is an issue (if that's what you want to call it) with one game, not every game. If I play Kinect Sports and I'm playing Bowling for example, the ball isn't going to jump out of my hand and make me get a strike.

You can slam the disagree button all day long and it's not going to change the fact that I have it, and it works. Of course you wouldn't know that because you don't own it, but instead speak about how it works as if you do own it.

The Wood2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Remember when I semi apologised for saying you're the type that'll 'support until you die' ......the type that defends tech like a newborn......I retract my apology. You are something else my friend. MS salutes your endeavour:)

Anyway let the games do the talking. I'm not sure why anybody even tx would find it strange that a game aimed at the casual would have casual mechanics...get real And of course the tech works but not like advertised when it was NATAL. Now every game just seems simple...I'm sure you can agree to that at least. the future may hold proper games so to speak but as of now it's simple stuff.

yourfather2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

if no one disagree you,then i think N4G will close shortly or SCE just close down


Dorwrath2887d ago

Until he posts video clearly playing it, which the video doesn't show. All it shows is a video of the game and a cut in of his face it's always going to be questioned whether it's real or not. For all we know he played the game badly and then added a cut in video of him not moving his arms.

Was beta testing it for months, both myself and my kids and nothing like this happened. If you didn't steer you would hit walls.

If I say something about kinect and that so far it works for me I'm instantly called a liar. yet this guy posts a video that doesn't show any proof that he is actually doing what he claims in the video and he people here say he is speaking the truth.

Kinect has it's issues, but still the hate on this forums is just plain immature and childish. thought most have grown out of playground behavior after they leave school.

Nothing like double standards with PS3 fanboys, honestly.

visualb2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

I agree, I for one thought the image was still =P he didn't move an inch during the gameplay, so it could be fake...if real, maybe its just an assist? for kids? who knows...I don't see the big deal to "explain" it or "prove it" =|

what i'm scratching the beard on my chin about is...

why is this "article", something trying to disprove an almost pointless forgetful detail, submitted by Mr. T9X who seems to be ceaselessly complaining in GT5's articles (practically every one)

is it just me or is that fishy?....=|

this looks like a lot of work to defend something that seriously doesn't need defending...coming from the same person that plays neutral but can be found in many GT5 articles "complaining" about something and pleading fair and cries eye for an eye for kinect bashing...

just curious, thats all...
*strolls away swinging his walkting stick whistling at the trees*

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Kain812887d ago

M$ next PR talk
"You are the GAME"

Kinect controlls you^^

stuna12887d ago

I was wondering if you are getting paid for all the good things you say about kinects? Because if you're willing to give me a cut! I'll say good things about it too!

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Darkeyes2887d ago

The future of gaming LOL.

OtherWhiteMeat2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Supposedly this video was faked, but entertaining none the less. Source : Voodoo Extreme

PHOSADRA2887d ago

It seems to provide the most assistance when you get stuck or hit a wall...

I swear casual gamers are being babied too much...
I bet some of the newer casual gamers couldn't get through a decent level of Super Mario World on the SNES....
Simply because it requires a little skill

These games are a little TOO easy now a days
I blame it on the WII :/
Just swing your arm any old way and hit a home run....
Flick your wrist wildly and any 5 year old can throw a 90mph fastball

What happened to the days when casual gamers needed skill?

Grandma and the soccer mom aren't the best...but they aren't dumb either :/

BornToKill2887d ago

"I bet you're wishing i would shut up and have a blank expression on my face"

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