New Nintendo trademarks hint at future plans

Nintendo has registered new product names at the Japanese patent office, Nintendic has discovered. Most hint at plans that we already know Nintendo has in the pipeline, but others such as the renewal of the 'Pikmin' trademark are bound to excite many fans...

The new trademarks are:

- Mii Contest Channel
- Nintendo Magic
- Wii Body Controller
- Mii Audition
- Wii Handle
- Soma Bringer

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bootsielon4066d ago

And a new Bioshock-like/Dark Requiem-like experience (whether for Zelda or another game), then they can keep making all this inane add-ons.

PS360WII4066d ago

Yea I can live with that too boot. Good call

ItsDubC4066d ago

lol, isn't soma a hallucinogenic drug?

Rooftrellen4066d ago

Most people from the western hemisphere will think of Brave New World when they say Soma. This could be it, but I doubt it. In India, it was a drink/plant, but there's not much evidence that it was actualy hallucinagenic. This could be what it is, but it seems a bit obscure.

However, in Hindusim, Soma is the god with ties to the moon and the underword, I believe. I think he doubled as a tasty drink for the gods, as well. I think this is the best bet.

No matter how you slice it, Soma is a substance that is supposed to have some sort of medicinal qualities, and with one definition, is accociated with gods.

Pretend with me, for a moment, that not all translations are exactly perfect, and what would make sense in Japanese doesn't always look quite right in english, at first. It could be a game where we do things for a god.

It does likely have something to do with the Indian drink, though, since that is Soma in the east. It is less likely, but still possible, that it has something to do with the Soma in Brave New World. We also can't discount the idea that Nintendo may have come up with their own version of Soma.

djt234066d ago

me too i have pikmin one and two if the make a third one i just hope it have online co-cp or vs