PS3 Class of Heroes 3 Set for PSN

It looks like Acquire is going to be entering rarely used territory by giving a PSN downloadable release to the PlayStation 3 version of Class of Heroes 3. Weekly Famitsu's latest release list has the game listed for December 7 at ¥4,000.

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dragonyght4083d ago

sadly it will never come here

Newtype4083d ago

PSN has the import games section now, it's possible.

Redempteur4083d ago

the import section is filled with psone japanes games . this was NOt what i had in mind about "imports"

KillaManiac4083d ago

We have Class of Heroes on PSP so we might get it 6 months to a year later!

imoutofthecontest4083d ago

We didn't get part 2 though. :/

4083d ago
QuantumSponge4082d ago

Looks like something from the SNES era.