Sony insults Halo 3 on Wikipedia

On the Halo series page at Wikipedia, an edit originated from Sony Computer Entertainment casts aspersions on Microsoft's Halo 3. In the Halo 3 section of the Halo page, Sony added "(Halo 3) wont look any better than Halo 2." (See the first and second story images attached below.) Since then, the Halo page has been corrected and locked from further vandalism.

The WikiScanner discovery is also reported on Wired's 'Threat Level'. (See Alternative Sources.) The report and IP address have been checked by Wired senior editor Kevin Poulsen, (i.e., see the third attached image for Poulsen's comments; "Sony insults Halo 3" is the second report after the Walmart report.)

Finally, the forth and last image was taken from a 'Whois' search at the RIPE.net database for "", the IP address recorded by Wikipedia as having edited the Halo page. The query shows that is registered to SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) Liverpool Studios in Great Britain. The result also shows the studio's physical address, phone number, and email address.

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Bigmac5736128d ago

Will the mudslinging at Sony ever end?

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tplarkin76127d ago

Can you please give me an example where MS is "guilty" of illegitimate business practices? I'll give you another for Sony: They paid radio stations to play their music (J-Lo).

diatom6127d ago

"Can you please give me an example where MS is "guilty" of illegitimate business practices?"

What rock have you been living under?

Google Microsoft + Guilty for a million hits.

or how about this:

"Microsoft Corp. landed in the Wikipedia doghouse Tuesday after it offered to pay a blogger to change technical articles"


Or How about Microsoft editing wiki to cover up 360 hardware issues and defacing Apples page.

www.macnn.com/articles/07/08/ 21/apple.ms.dell.edit.wikis/

Lacarious6127d ago

gotta love the wiki scanner.

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Firewire6127d ago

It has already been reported as fake, look at it closely pg2 anyone!
Just some nerd fanboy trying to stir crap up. NeoGaf debunked this hours ago!

XboxIsBad6127d ago

who cares? Halo 3 is going to be the worst most anticipated game for the 360. don't get your hopes up for it. Say anything about Halo, it sucks anyway.

ER1X6127d ago

Please tell me you were being sarcastic. What record company DOESN'T pay radio stations for air time?

LMFAO...you can't seriously think Sony is the only one who does this.

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ktchong6128d ago (Edited 6127d ago )

Don't go around spamming, attacking and posting negative sh1ts about other people because you think you are online and hiding behind an anonymous screen name. Some time in the future, someone will come up with a new software tool that will be able to trace all your past online activities, comments and postings back to you and find out who you are.

Just because you are anonymous now and have been in the past does not mean you will always stay anonymous in the future. All your "anonymous" activities are recorded, and they can be checked and traced back to you in the future as new tools are being invented.

sfinXters6127d ago

Can the tool also check porn sites that i've visited 3 years ago and send links to my relatives?

ChronoTrigger876127d ago

Man wondering about the samething.. geez.. since we are on topic here, how do you get rid of your history??

CRIMS0N_W0LF6128d ago

So it is OK for Microsoft and its Developers and payed Reviewers and Shops (Gamestation Anyone?) To Bash PS3 24/7 while Sony can't say anything?

Like a shadow I am6128d ago (Edited 6128d ago )

Right now we happen to be looking at the *PROOFS* that Sony has indeed put negative edits in the Halo page on Wikipedia. It's the IP address that shows that it's indeed Sony that made the edit.

Unfortunately for Sony, now that WikiScanner has come out, people will be able to trace and check everything Sony did on Wikipedia when they thought they could stay anonymous forever.

I would like to see PROOFS that Microsoft has paid reviewers and shop to bash Sony; otherwise, you guys are just LYING and pulling craps out of your arse.

sfinXters6127d ago

@3.1 - I believe it is prooF not prooFS.
Anyhow, most of intelligent people know that Wikipedia is full of sh!t because anyone can edit it. I don't see what's the big deal about this. Everybody knows that Sony likes to play dirty and everybody also knows that Microsoft in no better. Get over it.

masterg6127d ago (Edited 6127d ago )

Where is the Proof that Sony did this edit?
Can someone show me a trace of the IP that confirms this?
When I do a trace it shows a location in Central Africa.