Navigating A Gaming Lifestyle Among Non Gamers

For most of us, gaming is something that the other people in our circle of association simply don't understand. Despite the maturing of the industry, many social stigmas still exist, and chief among these is that a person should grow out of a "childish habit" like video games. This is never more apparent than in our own homes, where many of us have gone from arguing with our mom about play time to arguing with our spouses (Surprise…We can find a girlfriend!).

For the lucky few that have found a partner who enjoys gaming the benefits to our psyche and sanity are obvious, but even if you fall into the majority of gamers who live with a non-gamer spouse or girlfriend, there are plenty of ways to keep everyone happy and maybe even win a convert or two to your favorite past time. Here are some helpful tips to winning over your video game-challenged girl or guy:

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