Firmware 1.92 (PS3) Out now.

Sony released firmware 1.92.

Apparent changes show that the ability to add Flash wallpapers has been added.

People are also reporting faster XMB load times and XMB screensaver option.


Word at NeoGaf says that the Internet Browser application has been substantially improved.

Cancel the screensaver option: It's always been there.

Controllers auto-power-off now.

Miniclips (thumbnails) in the videos section, and game clips in the games folder all load up synchronized now. Quitting from game into XMB transitions quicker.(Aesthetic/Efficiency Update)

Confirmed: PS1/PS2 Compatibility updated.

Still awaiting official changelog from Sony.

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D R Fz5934d ago (Edited 5934d ago )

My Ps3 is updating right now 17%. Flash wallpapers are cool and all, but i really hope there's more to this update. I won't get my hopes up too high though.

Well, it finished installing and i noticed that when you start the ps3, you now have to log into an account to access anything else.

I would check for more stuff but, maybe later. I'm going to play some warhawk.

Ikanago5934d ago

I don't see vidcaps in the videos section on the new update. Is there some new option you have to turn on?

reaferfore205934d ago

is an updated flash player. I can't watch anything from gametrailers.com :(

deadshark15934d ago

i have 1.92 update but i don't see a difference people are saying that you get flash wallpapers but where can i get them and what are they that must sound so stupid to you soz for this but i nd help a bit? :)

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DrPirate5934d ago (Edited 5934d ago )

Super Stardust and Blast factor just loaded up faster then ever. It's like they optimized the hard drive in some form.

I'm going to test Warhawk to remark changes for both loading and ease of connectivity.

Edit: Miniclips (thumbnails) in the videos section, and game clips in the games folder all load up synchronized now. This is purely an aesthetic change from the way I see it.

D R Fz5934d ago

No in fact that's really good news. Decreasing load times on anything is a plus in my book. The update is looking good so far but I'm still looking forward to the Big 2.0 and home.

BIadestarX5934d ago

Any body care to confirm if any game related features were added?

DrPirate5934d ago

I'm experimenting, as far as game features, related to in-game access to the cross media bar, or voice chatting in game, no changes.

However, people everywhere are confirming that people are able to join a game first attempt in Warhawk, however, that may be a fluke considering it's midnight and people work/ go to school tomorrow.

When i spot/read something, I will update the story description.

Kleptic5934d ago

before 1.92 I pretty much couldn't even login in to Warhawk anymore...the game went from absolutely no bugs on my end from Wednesday of last week, to friday afternoon...then started having the stat problems, and a few network issues...then yesterday couldn't even login into Warhawk for online play because of the now infamous "network timed out" error...

downloaded v1.92 last night around midnight...have not had a single problem with warhawk since...it was rumored that this firmware update was going to address a lot of the network issues that were causing problems with Warhawk...or maybe it is just a coincidence...still have the stat problems though, not suprisingly...that is most likely a servcer side problem, not a firmware issue...

Fisher3395934d ago (Edited 5934d ago )

is a flash background, one that will, like move and stuff? I.e. animations

D R Fz5934d ago (Edited 5934d ago )

here's an example http://www.flashdesignerzon...

and another one is the default background (the wave) on the ps3 (when it's in motion).

@Dr.Pirate: that sounds promising. Hopefully when you say a gift, it means Sony will give it to us for free, which i doubt. Maybe some free samples.

DrPirate5934d ago (Edited 5934d ago )


Rumour has it that Sony is giving us a "gift" in the Playstation Store soon enough.

I prefer not to get my hopes up, but my beliefs (and instincts) lead me to believe that this gift will be a new bevy of flash animated wallpapers.

Edit: @ Feacherz: According to the kindly lady on the telephone, they'll offer it to us for free for being so "patient" with them. I have 2 guesses: Free animated wallpapers, free update/downloadable content for Warhawk announced.

Edit @ 4.4: Common sense and instincts will lead me to speculate that such animated wallapapers will be available to download from the Playstation store, similarly to the way you download wallpapers from it now. I wouldn't be surprised if you begin to see a couple of nice user created wallpapers spring up on forums either.

MikeGdaGod5934d ago

where do we get flash wallpaper from?

Skater_Ricky5934d ago

Hopefully they added some new Features to the Internet Browser.. anyone confirm this yet... it will take me all night on my slow connections tonight.. aka Free wireless hints Naboors.. haha im a moucher tell i get a good paying job and hold it long enought to get my own blazing speed net.

LPpatriot455934d ago

Maybe it's just my mind playing tricks on me, or my network is extra efficient today, but it seems like the web browser loads faster for me. I think it's just my network tho, so don't get your hopes up...

Ri0tSquad5934d ago (Edited 5934d ago )

I just really wish sony would tell us.