GamerTalk - Call of Duty: Black Ops Video Review – Must have for fans, not so much for everyone else

mygamertalk- Is Black Ops just a rehash of previous games? Or does Treyarch pull out all the stops and provide an unforgettable gaming experience?

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scar204326d ago

Ehh mines just gathering dust already to much other stuff to do.

allyc4t4326d ago

Donkey Kong and GT5 coming out this week both give me a good reason not to play Black Ops.

VinnieMac4325d ago

Yeah, I thought I would be playing this game for a while. The first few days I played non-stop, but now I haven't even touched it in about a week.

allyc4t4325d ago

It gets old when the gameplay remains relatively the same for the last few year. I have the same problem with Halo: Reach.

Mite224326d ago

Zombies! My favorite part about Black Ops right now. Wish they had some sort of Spec Ops like in MW2.

allyc4t4326d ago

That would have been great. Or at least give us a longer single player.

Mite224325d ago

Sp was good. Thought it was a good length, especially for a game nowadays.