Skate 360/PS3 comparison

Another multiplatform game, another round of comparing. This time it's Skate on the 360 & PS3. Pretty nice done, same place, same tricks, about the same shots.

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btkadams4065d ago

couldnt tell a difference whatsoever. thats good i guess


Barely see the different, PS3 version have different grown texture though (look at the slow motion part)

Ri0tSquad4065d ago

but something THAT small really doesn't matter these 2 games look identical.

JsonHenry4065d ago

Nothing sticks out to me that would make me say it looks better on either console.

Which in a way sucks. Because that means the game could look better if fully optimized for one or the other.

Instead we have a game generation of multi-port games that never reach potential either because it is not exclusive to one console or the devs are afraid of pissing off Sony and MS so they water the games down to look near identical on both consoles... We don't win as gamers with this sort of strategy.

nasim4065d ago

look at the ground

The ps3 version has better lighting,crisper textures .

look at the railing which looks red in ps3 version and pink in x360 version

gaffyh4065d ago

Yeah couldn't tell the difference, although the camera seems to be further back in the PS3 version

spasticjustice4065d ago

The only difference I noticed was the detail on the pavement. The ps3 had more detail, but other then that, it looked almost completely identical.

TheXgamerLive4065d ago

The xbox 360 version was much better, you better look again and pay attention.

Blind fan boys is what you are.

thatdude4065d ago

Im getting it for the PS3.(if i get it)

spasticjustice4064d ago

Maybe you're blind, I'm no fanboy, I own a 360 only, and I can clearly tell that the ps3 has a slight edge. You sound more like a fanboy then anybody else who's posted objectively.

Jeebus4064d ago

You can ollie higher in the PS3 version.


Ri0tSquad4064d ago

Did you sell yourself for an xbox 360?

secret4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Pretty good, PS3. Considering that you're a stop notch DVD and Bluray player, rivalring $1000 bluray and Denon DVD players.

More ground detail in the PS3 version. The lighting is more realstic at the very end of that video on that sea shell fence contraption. But that's subjective. I KNOW, for sure, everyone else would say that the xbox360 looks more contrasty, but in my humble opinion, I think the washed out colors on that contraption is more realistic. That's how it would truly look in real life.

Hey, if comic book artists used real human anatomy for their comic book characters, I'm sure spiderman or wolverine or the hulk won't look as good as they do to the comic book reader's eyes, despite the way out of proportion anatomy. That's why some people might not like the washed out look on the PS3. It's more realistic. TOO realistic. Gamers might prefer warped, super hot intensive colors even though they know that in real life, it won't look that way. For me, I prefer the washed out faded look of realism over cartoon saturation anyday. I did't spend so much money on home entertainment equipment to get artificial colors and saturations, did I?

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iceice1234065d ago

Version is slightly hazy, you'll notice about half way through.

beast4065d ago

I expected u to like the ps3 version what a surpize


No, I don't... They just looks the same all the video.

Danielson4065d ago

its really hard to take that comment seriously when your avatar is a guy peeing on a ps3. yeah...

BrianC62344065d ago

I don't agree that the PS3 version looks hazy. It looks clearer. More detailed and better lit. It could look a lot better if it wasn't just a port.

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RadientFlux4065d ago

looks good on both consoles, I am sure people will be staring too close to their monitors to try and find any differences.

Jones Miller4065d ago

Best comment in a long time

xhi44065d ago

But the differences are so minute it really doesnt matter. Here are a few that I picked up on in the HD version close up shots.

The ps3 version is crisper and more anti-antialised.

The xbox 360 versions floors do not have as much texture, marks etc. on them as the ps3 version.

The ps3 version has deeper lighting effects and more particle reflection than the 360 version.

But other than a few MINUTE, and im talking MINUTE differences, both versions seem to be absolutely identical and looks and sounds awesome! A real challenger to the Tony Hawk franchise which has so far dominated the skating video game market.

AcidRhain4065d ago

lets talk outta our asses now

Evil0Angel4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

you gott 4:1 agree:disagree ratio
this show how biased this site is


But only when you slow-motion the frames and run in HD, if you are playing at normal speed on SD then there is no different what so ever.

Dareaver14064d ago

first off both camera angles are slightly different, so you can not sit there and talk about different ground textures when they are at different ranges, so hence varying detail (stupid), then you want to talk about lighting and particle affects, whoah really (what particle affects?). And then lighting, ummm, different camera distances mean different contact with light and at a different observable angle.

Man yall really try hard to see things that aren't there, and then you talk about graphics like you really know what they are using. Unless your the developer of this game, we shouldn't hear who is using AAx2 or x4, and hdr, and dynamic lighting, particle affects, NOTHING. The funny thing is that there are a lot more Sony supporters on this site, and i have nothing against sony, but it's fans are worse than XBox and Wii fans combined, it might be because of their sheer number but yall really have to get a life. Enough with validating your purchase, be happy with what you got, the only people who should really have a reason to pay attention to these comparisons are the people with both or all three systems. All you sony only's and Xbox only's need to stop!

secret4064d ago

Goodness, are you a detective or someting. Minute particle effects...?

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pwnsause4065d ago

they look Identical, with the PS3 getting a tiny bit of the edge, about 99.9 percent Identical.

jimykid864065d ago

two things:

-there are more pedestriants in the ps3 version
-the hills in the xbox360 version have greater dynamic color, but it ends up not looking uniform with the trees in front of them, which have a less dynamic color.

But I don't care about board skating...