Microsoft Executive to Preview 'Halo 3' Supply Chain Strategy at ESCA-Europe

Microsoft's David Warrick, General Manager of the Entertainment and Devices Manufacturing and Supply Chain Group for Microsoft for EMEA and Asia Pacific, will be providing an exclusive preview of the global supply chain strategy the company will employ for the much-anticipated launch of "Halo 3" the following week at Entertainment Supply Chain Academy (ESCA) Europe, September 18-19, 2007 in Madrid. The conference focuses on the challenges and strategies employed by home video, game and music entertainment providers in perfecting the delivery of physical media products as well as defining the emerging digital entertainment supply chain.

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HyperBear4061d ago

I wish i can be the GMEDMSCGM for EMEA and Asia Pacific. Just the saying the name of his job is boring enough, god, wonder how is actual job is?. lol