Top Ten Videogames with Emotional Depth

Some games are pure adrenaline rushes, while others rely more upon logical or mathematical challenges. There are games that demand quick reflexes and dexterity, and then there are those which aim to bring the family closer together. The progression of technology has lead to another the maturing of another type of game however, one less concerned with challenging players and more intent on delivering unique experiences in virtual worlds. Games in which the delivery of the story is considered of equal importance to that of the player’s interaction, and that an emotional bond with the characters is the ultimate goal.

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BABY-JEDI4688d ago

that ICO & SoC would have been on this list. As gaming emotions go, you cant get much deeper than these.

velocitygamer4688d ago



ChickeyCantor4687d ago

Microwave immunity imminent !!


Jio4688d ago

I completely agree. These guys dont know emotional, in video games. Ico and SoC where the best ps2 games ever, and had a certain emotional feeling that cannot be replicated in any other game. Except for the last guardian which will no doubt be incredible

BYE4688d ago

Red Dead Redemption should also be on that list.

They forget like 80% and just put fillers in there to get the 10 spots filled.

Hellsvacancy4688d ago

No Hitman Blood Money? i almost cried myself to death when Mr 47 was deaded at the end of the game, well, i thought he was dead (untill i saw the hidden endin)

Ducky4688d ago

Oh God... that was an epic way to end things.
Especially with the story building up to that one point.

Kudos for mentioning that.

AKS4687d ago

Considering ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, and Half-life 2, Episode 2 should be around the TOP of any such list, total fail for the author of this lame article. Also, how is Bioshock there and System Shock 2 is not? "I am Shodan!"

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Acquiescence4688d ago

Heavy Rain
Final Fantasy VII
Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Yakuza 2
Yakuza 3
Red Dead Redemption
Mass Effect 2

...have all made me either well up or done enough to make me care considerably for certain characters.

Ducky4688d ago

Metal.... Gear?
It can't be!

Cloudberry4688d ago

Metal Gear is one of the secret black ops project.

How do you know that!?

Downtown boogey4688d ago (Edited 4688d ago )

FFVII, are you kidding?
You crack me up, holmes!
Tifa: "Don't worry! Think!"
Cid: "Hey, the girl's right! You start worryin' and there's no stoppin' it! Things just start fallin' apart and get worse and worse.
..."I've been thinkin' about this and that. All the time we've been up there lookin' at the planet. I've been thinkin' when we were floatin' in the ocean in that escape pod."
Cloud: "I've been thinking too... About the universe... the planet... the ocean... How wide and big... No matter where I go and what I do, it won't change a thing."
Cid: "Maybe you're right... But I came up with something different. I always thought this planet was so huge. But lookin' at it from space I realized it's so small. That's why I'll say this planet's still a kid. A little kid sick and trembling in the middle of this huge universe. Someone's gotta protect it. Ya followin' me? That someone is us!"

Color me "touched"

Acquiescence4687d ago

By plucking a character exchange out of a game that has thousands of them, you have effectively proven that Final Fantasy VII is devoid of any emotional power.

Let's just conveniently ignore moments like the destruction of Sector 7, Ilfana's back-story, learning about the lifestream in Cosmo Canyon, Barret and Dyne's final face-off; all bolstered by one of the most acclaimed and memorable soundtracks ever featured in a video game.

Oh and, something about the death of Aeris as well.

I won't colour you "touched"...just "ignorant."

toaster4688d ago

I would have thought Half Life 2 would be up there, your connection with Alyx throughout the game is very deep even though Freeman never actually says anything. You just feel a bond. And whenever Alyx leaves you know some crazy shit will happen to you :3.

NecrumSlavery4688d ago (Edited 4688d ago )

This Is a bad list. Reach at #2? why is Enslaved up there and not Heavenly Sword?

And where the hell Flower?

Jikla4688d ago

okokokok...Halo reach at second place? I mean come on! That game shouldn't even be on the list because you don't really connect to the other characters in the game since they're dying like flies.

Downtown boogey4688d ago

That's right. Every other Halo game actually connected with me on some level mainly due to the relationship between the Chief and Cortana but Reach... That was super lame.

Ducky4688d ago

I really connected with that floating lightbulb-thing in the first Halo =/