Haze Preview - 24-player online battles, Story Line, Co-op, Single Player and more

First-person shooters are never a rare breed but fans of the popular genre are certainly being spoilt at present, particularly on Xbox 360 with BioShock and the upcoming Halo 3.

At the recent Leipzig Games Convention, Screen Play took a look at some of the other shooters destined to keep trigger fingers very busy over the coming months. First cab off the rank was Haze, currently a PS3 exclusive by TimeSplitters developer Free Radical and due in November from Ubisoft.

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stunt2134089d ago

sweet 24 player online battles, its not as much as resistance but it's gonna be a pretty sweet game.

Relientk774089d ago

i def want this game... this is no doubt a launch day purchase

ChronoTrigger874089d ago

it worked for lost planet.. it will work for haze. ps3 owners are yearning for more multiplayer exclusive games (warhawk, resistance, and motorstorm only so far).

Johnny-Cakes4089d ago

Does it have single player co-op? Meaning multiplayer offline..

Dr Pepper4089d ago

It has four player co-op both online and offline.

Ju4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

It says 2 player split screen mission mode (like Resistance), and a 4 player online-only drop-in-drop-out multiplayer mission mode (like, you always play as a 4 team swat and the AI lets you replace any of the other 3 AI players with real players at any time).

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The story is too old to be commented.