Rumor: PS3 Firmware 1.92 Available Tonight

A poster by the name of Justin Dailey at NeoGAF is stating a firmware update for the Playstation 3 will be available tonight (9/04/07) for the system. One of the features that well be available is "PSP-like XMB themes".

Lightning Mr Bubbles6138d ago

I hope this is true, but I hope it's got some major upgrades.

MaximusPrime6138d ago (Edited 6138d ago )

i dont think it will be major. v2.00 will be major.

btw: will it be UK midnight or US midnight?

TriggerHappy6138d ago (Edited 6138d ago )

Still Not 2.0 so dont get your hopes up, is going to be a few minor fixes mainly Warhawk and a few tiny errors

Ri0tSquad6138d ago

I was really hoping we would get 2.00.

CaptainMeatwad6138d ago (Edited 6138d ago )

This BETTER fix the stats system on Warhawk. NONE of my stats have been counted since Aug. 30 when they did the server restart thing, its ****ing ridiculous. I've put so much time into the game, all for nothing.

EDIT: @ Installshield:

Its still fun, but I'd have a much better time if I knew my stats were actually being recorded. My KDR is already at around 2.80-2.90, resetting it wouldn't help at all. It's extremely annoying to not get credit for anything I do. I might as well not play until it gets fixed, which is why they'll (hopefully) fix it in this update. But until that happens, I'm still gonna be pissed off at Incognito for screwing up my rank.

Kleptic6138d ago (Edited 6138d ago )

what do you mean "all for nothing"?...

so many people are so upset about the stats, when we haven't even been playing the game for a full week yet...and the stats do not do anything...they unlock some character customization stuff, which is cool, but doesn't make the game suck without them...

I love the stat system's rewards and badges and everything...it has specific stuff that you have to do to rank up and unlock more stuff...unlike Resistance, where you just kind of play enough and you level up every couple hours or so...but the game is still a blast with the stats pretty screwed up...(I was ranked up to a Brigadier General with no merit whatsoever...I should have still been like the 3rd rank up from Recruit...my stats keep getting recorded ok, or did...but my current rank would change with the wind)

it will get fixed...and if they have to reset the stat server completely...then your KDR will be much better after that week or two of practice...which apperantly is all anyone worries about with this game...I couldn't care less,...its the freezing that some people are experiencing that needs sorted out fast...yet I haven't had any issues with that really so far...

EDIT @ above...

fair enough...well the rumor now is that everything is still being recorded properly, its just not being displayed or downloaded to your PS3 properly...the rank has been screwed since Friday, only because it doesn't register your earned ribbons/badges/medals properly, resulting in goofy promotions for no reason, and then falling back to recruit despite that not being right either...several users have reported that they were able to get their stats to update, and that they felt they were accurate...it just hadn't updated for nearly 3 full days...so it very well could be that your stats are still being saved properly on the stat server, its just it is having a very hard time "serving" them out to requesting PS3's all the time...

I just want them to get the ranked servers back online fully, and adjust the rank limit on all of them...there are more rumors that SCEA has 1 60 ranked server bank for each time zone nearly ready for North America alone...which will nearly quadruple the available ranked servers...that combined with the server full bug being eliminated, the game will start to feel more like a complete game...i am not really blaming Incognito or SCEA, I don't really think that they realised how popular it was going to be right off the bat...I got the BD version on Wednesday morning last week, and played until friday afternoon without a single problem...no stat problems...not room full problems...no freezing problems...then noticed on forums how nearly every store was sold out, and it was taking hours upon hours to download off the psn...then friday got the first wave of rank glitches...then pretty much everything else everyone has been complaining about...I am sure it will get remedied soon though...

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Mu5afir6138d ago (Edited 6138d ago )

But, one of the problems people have had is the color schemes, the font color would disappear under certain wallpapers. Hopefully this new update fixes this problem, so I can start using some wallpapers.

roadkillers6138d ago

Thats all I care about at the moment.

gunnerforlife6138d ago

i think thats what its meant for 2 fix it up so people wont have any more problems with the game

PimpHandHappy6138d ago

I had some good stats rolling. Dam them

Well i guess its not a huge deal cuz i was only 10hours in on ranked games but still! I wanted to see if i make 200hours b4 MGS!

yea updates are good....


MikeGdaGod6138d ago

but i still haven't been ranked up to Airman. the game has told me i ranked up about 3 times but it still says Chief Sergent. i don't know whats up

Kleptic6138d ago

the "chief serg." problem is pretty much the most common bug right now...tons of people will jump from Airman 1st class to chief sergeant without getting the Warhawk Recruiting ribbon...which is like "be in a Warhawk for 4 minutes, kill a dude on foot with the warhawk, and kill a dude in a ground vehicle with the warhawk...all IAR"...a somewhat tough feat for any newcomers...

its really frustrating only because it locks you out of roughly 70% of the current SCEA ranked servers...which are capped at Sergeant...anything higher than that can't get in...and its not like you earned that higher rank...it is simply the bug that promotes you without any of the requirements...it goes back and fourth too, I was demoted back down to airman for a bit...then promoted back again...both for no reasons...a good sign that the bug should be relatively simple to fix...and once it does, you will be sorted to the highest rank in which you have met the requirements...

BlazeXXL6138d ago

I really hope this firmware update allows me to choose my theme color. I love the XMB background, but sometimes I really hate the colors lol.