Silent Hill Revelation Director Looking For Actress To Play Heather

HellDescent: Michael J Bassett writer and director of the upcoming Silent Hill: Revelation 3D would like to hear your suggestions for who should play Heather on his blog!

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

I bet is not even going to be a Blond girl.

To bad they will skip the part of SH2.

jc485734329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

Just hope the movie doesn't suck. SHM kinda goes overboard with many things.

SquareEnixFan4329d ago

I'm glad that they are making a movie based on Silent Hill 3. Silent Hill 3 was by far my favorite. Hayden Panettiere and Emily Browning are my favorites to play Heather.