UK Retailer dedicates all employees to handle GT5 orders


UK retailer ShopTo.net tells INC Gamers they’re bringing in all warehouse employees over the weekend to handle what they’ve described as possibly their “biggest ever pre-order"

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MaximusPrime4690d ago

I preordered with GAME. Like other retailers, I'm sure they also be handling their biggest preorder too.

Richard Cypher4690d ago

I got the game today, it is freaking huge, so much content in it.
I think at least 200 hours will be needed to clear all the modes !

MGOelite4690d ago

Where do you live???

whats that??

no there isnt a shotgun on my back =)

Richard Cypher4690d ago (Edited 4690d ago )

I live in France, and the game is available everywhere here !
I had a collector edition preordered on amazon but couldn't wait one more week and i bought a standard edition in shop :P
I will give it to a friend later !

Edit : LOL at the guy who disagree with everybody.

Narutone664690d ago

Person/people disagreeing is probably one troll with multiple accounts and pis*ed at all the GT5 news in the front page.

KratosGod34690d ago (Edited 4690d ago )

Who the F*** is Disagreeing with the good comments and Stunning pictures of GT5???
I know... a 360 Butt Hurt.
GT5 FTW!!!
3 more days to go here in US.

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Richard Cypher4690d ago

Be sure that it's worth the wait ^^
I wouldn't even know how to start to describe how deep it is.
It's just pure pleasure to drive :)

karl4690d ago

yeah well...

im picking the game with my knife proof jacket

i dont want no desperate GT5 fanboy who didnt preorder soon enough to stab me in the back for my copy...

Blaine4690d ago

Damn... Starting to sound like I should probably pre-order it soon or I won't be able to get my hands on a copy come launch time. Would be a damn shame to have been waiting 4 YEARS for this game and not get it at launch because I didn't pre-order!

RageAgainstTheMShine4689d ago

good thing we pre-ordered this at Amazon.ca
we got rid of our CoD:BO pre-order
GT5 will be the game for the holidays & will stay on the PS3 for the longest time until LBP2 arrives

wsoutlaw874689d ago

i knew it was going to be huge but biggest preorder ever, im surprised.

RussDeBuss4689d ago

i'm going to cry on wensday. i split up with my gf the other week, and had to move out and had to leave my HD tv behind, all i got for the next few weeks is a 30"sd :(

do i get the game wensday and play in sd but not in all it's glory, or wait a few weeks until i get my new flat and another tv but have to put up with seeing everyone else playing it?

jellybalboa4689d ago

i think u should hang in there and wait till u get yor new flat, so u can behold gt5 in its true glory........but i know for a fact even if u had a 12" sd tv ,youd still play gt5 on it on release date.

NBT914689d ago (Edited 4689d ago )

You split up with her a week before a new GT Game? Hmmm what a coincidence ;).

That's a sign you were supposed to play this on release date my friend :P

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SuperKing4690d ago

I've pre-ordered with them through paypal. They've got good prices and excellent speedy deliveries. Shame about the credit card fiasco.

hesido4689d ago

What was the fiasco? I shop there too, with my credit card..

raztad4690d ago

It is kinda funny some people actually thought GT5 wont be a huge seller.

This game is being braised to no end by the people that got it early. In this time I wish I were a car fan :)

Rage_S904690d ago

praised* quick quick fix it before the trolls/grammar nazis apear

*wonders whether this makes him a grammar nazi*

wsoutlaw874689d ago

haha sorry but you trying to get there before them just made you the top grammar nazi

-IronMan-4690d ago

Only the xbox fanboys think GT5 wont be a huge seller.


punkpop1014690d ago

Just like PS3 fanboys thought about Halo Reach.This war doesn't go anywhere.

nickjkl4690d ago (Edited 4690d ago )

what who said halo reach wouldn't sell

i said halo reach would push consoles like xbox fanboys said because halo 3 has already came out

stevenhiggster4690d ago

Not even the most deluded PS3 fanboys would ever question Halo's selling ability so take your nonsense comment somewhere else.

TheBlackSmoke4690d ago

Lol, no PS3 owner on earth said such a thing, stop trying to counter the original comment and failing, your'e not clever. Remember it was 360 fanboys who started "teh salez".

In a few days time you will find out the why we have been saying gran turismo is PS biggest franchise.

eat crow.jpg

HINDERIZATION4690d ago (Edited 4690d ago )


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UltimateIdiot9114690d ago (Edited 4690d ago )

Yeah, if you're on CAG, you can see that the collector edition is getting sold out at many big retailers. Even Walmart is no longer taking preorders for the standard edition.

raztad4690d ago

Thank you Rage but I missed the chance to edit it already :(