Kinect So Good Microsoft Has To Pay People To Buy It

Microsoft’s Japanese launch of Kinect has predictably turned into a marketing farce of epic proportions.

One eager gamer, Microsoft would have people believe, queued for hours to be the first in line for the device as “I wanted to be the first in Japan to get one!”

Unfortunately, 2ch recognised the man from a previous “this product is so amazing people are queuing all night for it” shill piece – that time the same man was interviewed for the Japanese release of the iPhone, obligingly saying “Well, it’s a worldwide thing isn’t it? You just have to ride the big wave!”


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Blaster_Master4701d ago

They are giving away 1 every 15 mins at Burger King. Makes me wonder if they count those as units sold or what?

panasonic234701d ago

SUBWAY ,ARTVAN is giving ps3 move bundle alway free . Makes me wonder is sony count those as units sold of what?

MariaHelFutura4701d ago

This crazy chick down the street is giving away cats......I wonder if they`ll count.


SmokexFFx4700d ago


Yeaaaaaaaa, hilarious?

SuperKing4700d ago

I don't blame 'em. This thing hardly works, look at the youtube link.


Boody-Bandit4700d ago (Edited 4700d ago )

If that youtube is real?
That is the lamest crap I have ever seen.
The game plays itself.

jack_burt0n4700d ago


damn that video, the device continues to try and smoke and mirrors you even after you have gotten it home lol.

Igneel4700d ago Show
FunAndGun4700d ago


That was a funny vid. He got a lap record!

lolz if that is for real.

HolyOrangeCows4700d ago

Really, you both sort of make a good point. How many of their sales numbers are give-aways?

I think Burger King is giving away more than Subway, though. Every 15 minutes, I mean, freaking seriously?

HolyOrangeCows4700d ago

BTW, why in the heck doesn't this article have a NSFW tag?

menoyou4700d ago

like i said before and got voted down, Microsoft spends more money promoting their garbage products than they make from profits in return.

and it looks like they are starting to copy some liberal tactics too (liberals often hire fake protesters to manufacture anger and dissent). pathetic,

Zydake4700d ago


thats hilarious the guy does nothing and he ends up 1st place

Masterchef20074700d ago

wow now that is just a sad little game that requires next to no skill to play

RageAgainstTheMShine4699d ago (Edited 4699d ago )

look at the stuff M$ puts up with just to swipe Sony...M$ has no honor

again again again http://www.youtube.com/watc...

don't forget the tens of thousands E32010 give aways, Oprah give aways, etc are counted as sales by vgcraptz

punkpop1014699d ago

72 disagrees?How many butthurt Sony fanboys?

Dee_914699d ago

@ panasonic
yea because subway give them away every 15 minutes /s

f7897904699d ago

Panasonic23 does have a point. It's not one you can disagree with. Bubbles to him to balance out the people who just kill anyone who doesn't glorify the ps3.

AndrewRyan4699d ago

Don't be idiots. I am sick of fanboy bigotry. It's called marketing strategy, more people try it, more people like it and it spreads like common influenza. Why do you think McDonalds has free coffee this week? So people will try it and probably like it, therefore they will only buy coffee from mcdonalds. Morons.

4699d ago
Spydiggity4699d ago

i don't get it....

both blaster master and panasonic make valid points. how many "sales" are actually sales. so why does one guy have 100+ agrees and the other guy has 100+ disagrees? i think we all know why.

if you ever needed proof of what all the actual GAMERS on this site already knew...right there it is.

Dee_914699d ago (Edited 4699d ago )

@Spydiggity and other who are thinking the same i can see how you feel that way
but the difference is kinect was being giving away every 15 minutes .. thats alot of kinects
subway gave out dozens of ps3s
they arent agreeing with baster and disagreeing with panasonic because of the question they asked
who knows sony and microsoft maybe do count those as units sold ( which i doubt because they didnt sell them )
but they disagree with panasonic because he made it seem as if there was the same amount of ps3s gave away as kinect
thats my guess :/

seinfan4699d ago

speaking of devices that play for you:


Yeah, all the motion controls are stupid.

UltraNova4699d ago

Why does Britney Spears comes to mind?

Oups! I did it again!

Ohh MS..at least u did ur best..

rjdofu4699d ago (Edited 4699d ago )

@seinfan: it's not the device issue, it's the game issue. If the paddle move by itself then that's the system problem. However, in this case, the paddle doesn't move at all. I think the player chose the easiest difficulty, tutorial or something.

Now look at this http://www.youtube.com/watc...
You see? The device fucking plays on its own.

Man, you can only blame the device IF it plays the game for you.

yourfather4699d ago


"XD Wow this went viral quick. For those of you trying at home, it only auto-drives if you sit it seems. Trying to put together a follow-up video to show this. I don't know WHY it only auto-drives when you sit (lazy ass mode?) but it does.

Though only driving forward the course does Rube Goldberg you into a shortcut, the auto-driving is VERY obvious when you play sitting down."

so you still think it's Kinect problem not the game?

4699d ago
Idree4699d ago

Typical M$ Disinformation.
Glad this is out for everyone to see and judge by themselves.

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r1sh124700d ago

the site is hardly 1 sided...
Thats the problem with this site, fanboys post stuff that is clearly based on bias and hate.
Pointless article from a site which is advertising cartoon porn on the side..
I guess who ever posted this likes that sort of stuff

Kos-Mos4699d ago

What`s wrong with porn? Uh-oh I forgot, americans thinks porn is worse than violence.

Spydiggity4699d ago

what americans are you talking about? i don't know one american male that thinks what you just said. way to generalize about 300 million ppl cuz some nut on TV said that.

maybe if you had said conservative christians, then you might be a little more accurate.

Kos-Mos4699d ago

You might take a look at age rating on porn/nudity and violence.

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MR LOOKINGBILL4700d ago ShowReplies(5)
BrianB4699d ago

wasn't Sony at one point giving away free HD tvs for every ps3 bought at some confrence, they had like 500 HD TVs to give away and like 20-30 people turned up LMFAO, thats what you call pathetic