Download Only for Japanese Warhawk

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced today pricing details for the Japanese version of Warhawk. Unlike the US version, which is available both as a PlayStation Network download and as a retail Blu-ray disk, the Japanese version is going to be sold exclusively through the PlayStation Store. PS3 owners will be able to make the download starting 10/4.

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cloud3604064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

There exist something called NT DoComo....

It is a wirless internet provider.....

it has 45,687,117 subscribers

Best part now: It is in japan....

All over japan there are wirless routers.. So sony will get more people to buy warhawk buy making it download only..

No problem for anyone in japan anyone who has a PS3 can downlaod it

I lie a lot.. I made all this up.. actually that was a lie as well...
(why do u think people say japan is 10 years ahead of every country)


(ps (whaterver it stands for) i need some bubbles)

cloud3604064d ago

provides internet for 40 million people....

japan has a population of 120 million

hardly anyone in japan gets married

each household has at least 3 people in their family

3 X 40 million = 120 million.

Everyone in japan has wirless internet

Vojkan4064d ago

Like Japanese care for multi player on line games

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4064d ago

I think they care about that stuff more than most people.

HeartlesskizZ4064d ago

thats sad for them, I for one like having my games on a cd bd etc so that when ever i dont like them I can trade them in unlike DLS.

resistance1004064d ago

To be fair the simple reason for this, is the market for this game is very small and won't sell that well over there. Plus it will save money as SCEJ won't have to fork out on production costs such as packaging which would be a waste as chances are they will produce more copies than needed

Siesser4064d ago

Also, it's JAPAN guys. Technology capital of world. If you don't think 9 out of 10 people over there don't already have blue-tooth headsets, you're off your rocker.

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