Kinect Launches In Japan And Doesn't Connect With Players

After going on sale earlier this month in North America, Kinect finally launched in Japan. How'd it go? Just like you'd think.

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Igneel3801d ago

Kotaku makes pointless articles.

Pedantic913801d ago

We'll simply have to wait a week or two and then see if it did good enough for Microsoft.

hennessey863801d ago

if them pics are correct then microsoft may finally crack japan but we will have to wait and see

ryuzu3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Those pics make it look like a lame turnout....

The funniest is the middle pic. There's an area in the middle with barriers for the line with about 15 people in it. All around the outside are people just looking at the line.

So the line for Kinect more interesting than Kinect itself lolz.

At least in the West Kinect had decent day one sales due to preorders and novelty value.


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Varodor3800d ago

The supposed scene from actual Akiba shops, as photographed by 2ch and not the mass media:

MmaFanQc3800d ago

theres was more people in the line for cod in my small town (9 000 peoples) than this line....IN JAPAN

yourfather3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

the third pic already said 150+ peoples on the line


soundslike3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

xzibit dont need games he got shroomz

angelrebirth3800d ago

Where is the crowd ? There is more people at Mc Donalds.

angelrebirth3800d ago

150 People. It's more than a console war, it's a culture war. You can't sell US vidéo games to Japan.

Dirk Benedict3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

nice try. Yodobashi is always busy like that. i travel to japan at least 2 times a year and that is one of my usual stops.

do you see what the Japanese are doing in the article picture? they do that when they don't want foreigners around.

Kinect is a foreign object.

Immortal3213800d ago

I bet it only recognize one avatar out of the bunch, when a family member or friend plays with the kinect.

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If u agree with me that kotaku should be closed down as a website click agree. if u dont click disagree (-_-)

Raendom3800d ago

Simply click the little + next to "" and click "WTF?" and "No".

I hate reading anything by Kotaku. Even if it's unbiased, I just hate their staff. Try emailing one of them. They'll reply with the dickiest response possible. Their readers are just as worse too.

edhe3800d ago

Sounds like you got banhammered, diddums.

Nb if everyone seems like a prick maybe you should check the common denominator.

AWBrawler3800d ago

Some people actually like Kotaku. They're the Otaku gamer's website!

DigitalAnalog3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Both Japanese and US games do not sell well on an install base of 1 million. Even with the superior port of Bayonetta. Which MAKES no sense. You can't just buy a console and have no games for it? Going by that logic, how do you think KINECT would fare?

-End statement

ryuzu3800d ago

Bayonetta was patched heavily with the help of Sony - that choked the need for a 360.


Dude_3800d ago

The only thing that was fixed were the loading times.

It still has the framerate drops/tearing and runs at 30 fps instead of 60.

Eu3800d ago

With such a small install base, that MAY look like a lot, but really it isnt. Lets give a few days and see some real numbers...

By the way...that third pic...if I understand it correctly, thats YodoBashi Camera in Akihabara...theres around 150 people on the line.

insomnium23800d ago

I tried to play Bayonetta but I had to stop. The story and the characters were way too much for gameplay to cover for. I sold my Bayonetta and it sits up there on my xmb with 10% trophies on it.

That game is ****. This is what people raved about a while back? WTH?

Elven63800d ago

Sony didn't do anything with Bayonetta, it was a rumor some PS site started but was quickly shot down by a SEGA Community Manager.

The idea that Sony would help a single developer program their game properly when there are so many other, more high profile titles that could benefit is simply ridiculous!

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princejb1343800d ago

ms should have known this
the install base isn't big in japan for 360

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Stealth20k3801d ago

THE japanese actually have brains not to go for the new product that sucks and care about good software

Moonboots3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

The product does not suck. I'm guessing you never even tried the thing.

Give MS all the crap you want but this product is good and this product has potential.

It's the Japanese loss if they want to ignore it. It seems like Japanese retail sets anything Xbox up to fail over there.

But hey Japan is at the top of their game. Japan dev's are making more money then ever and they've got the gaming market down to a tee.. NOT

Last time I checked many Japan dev's from Capcom to Square are losing their asses year after year. I hope the Japanese market will sustain them because much of the rest of the world is pouring their money into the western developers and market.

Shepherd 2143800d ago

Actually if i remember correctly there was an interview with Hideo Kojima in which he talked about how Western games are paving the way to the future and most Japanese developers are dragging their asses.

-IronMan-3801d ago

I bet lots of people will return it once they found out it doesnt work in small places.


JacobIsHollywood3800d ago

They have in the United States. We have had three traded in at my store. (GameStop)

DigitalRaptor3800d ago

Shame they don't do refunds.

theIMP3800d ago

Out of how many sold?

Xusuyzus3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

This actually looks really cool ! ( it is funny ,.. but looks cool
except his mom is there :) privacy issues

JacobIsHollywood3800d ago

I wonder...

Even if you knock the house over, onto it's side...will there be enough room for Kinect?

El_Colombiano3800d ago

So. Damn. Cool. Soooooo cooool. Wow.

yourfather3800d ago

you can also see pictures from the Konami release of Dance Evolution for Kinect, (Dance Masters) at the Konamistyle store in Tokyo. They are also selling Kinect sensors/Kinect 360 bundles. Naoki Maeda was also there.

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rmedtx8883800d ago

Japanese players are smarter than us Americans.

Stealth20k3800d ago

I agree they are. They care about great fantastic software

not gimmicky expensive casual accessories.

Chug3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

wrong post

baodeus3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )



and that is why they went with the wii and ds this gen.

BillOreilly3800d ago

Yea right japanese wouldnt know a good game if they played it. Mass effect? Dragon age? Gears? Uncharted? Nope. Generic teen rpg #143637 yes. They used to be on the top before the west (ms) got in gaming. Best jrpg Lost Odyssey by Ms. Best wrpg Mass effect (ms). Ms made wrpgs popular to console folk with kotor, morrowind, oblivion. Ms made fps popular with halo. Ms made tps popular with gears. Japan was only the best because they had no competition. Now that the west has a console that lets western dev shine, japan doesnt look so good.

Chug3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )


@ below: I thought that was kinda crazy too. Who knows how accurate that data is.

But I also don't know what makes you believe Einstein had a low IQ...

rrw3800d ago

what You believe papua smarter than us.

even Einstein don't have high IQ

radphil3800d ago

That site isn't an accurate representation. It's just taking data from people that took stuff on that site and from their own test, not a representation of true IQ.

wissam3800d ago

Libya is the smartest nation in the world lmao.

sbizarre3800d ago

:o Australia is number 68! Now that's sad. :((( We have smart people -thinks- I can't think of one right now.. But I am sure we do.

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MaximusPrime3800d ago

people who disagree with you are usually not smart