GT5: Mercedes SLS realistic night drive!

Check out this awesome night racing!

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George Sears4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

Some custom HID lights should be added. =P

Although the lights do resemble them. Video is just bad quality.

Sackdude4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

The video is a bit very dark, i noticed that....

but in some corners it really looks real.

Elwenil4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

I hope there is some way to dim the instrument panel. I can't stand bright instruments at night.


cool but Nascar is kinda lame. I say that because they had a video of Jeff Gordon telling PD that you have to slingshot ahead by using the guys behind you, not by drafting. With the perfectionists they are in this case you would never be able to get out of 12th place. But I digress, still awesome.

Narutone664329d ago

The data logger in the last video will be very helpful for those who wants to improve their driving skills. Thanks and +bubble.

Graey4329d ago

is everyone getting this day 1....I tried getting it from Amazon and for some reason they wont ship to me on that day. But I'd have to wait another week just to get it.

I live in FL btw, anyone else have that problem?

Nitrowolf24329d ago

yeah i do they want to ship the 30th for me, went to Gamestop and forked the money

Saint-Revlot4329d ago

Try gamestop.

I also live in FL.

-Ikon-4329d ago

Another Fl resident represent

THEONEANDONLY854329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

ya weird. I'm in Colorado and they gave me the release date shipping. I tried it too and Florida seems to not have the option for some reason. Maybe it's based on their distribution center is too far from Florida and shipping would cost them too much if it ended up being 1 day or overnight?

edit:: Here are their fulfillment centers so it might be the case, they're all western centric.


Elwenil4329d ago

Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Virginia are Western?

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Cartesian3D4329d ago

my eyes are bleeding .. they put enormous effort in this title.. every driving fan must buy GT5 on day one.. cant wait (I need some money for a perfect wheel, may be G27)

RedDead4329d ago

I luckily got a G25 for 150 Euro today :)

Si-Fly4329d ago

If you want the perfect wheel check out a fanatec gt3 rs with a set of clubsports if you can afford it. Next best thing seems to be a g27.

NumOnePS3FanBoy4329d ago

can anyone tell me if kmart is still offering that one $20-25 gaming coupon when purchasing GT5? if not so i can pre order this from amazon already


demonddel4329d ago

wow wii holy moley thats the best video i ever seen n my life (i need some bubbles) PS3 4L1F3

Si-Fly4329d ago

You're best bet is to start a new account then.

demonddel4328d ago

even if i worship the PS3 on this website

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The story is too old to be commented.