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God of War 2 basically begins the war between Kratos and the rest of existence. You might say he started this war in the first game, but his motivations for killing Ares were fairly solid. His hatred of Zeus is something relatively fresh in the game, and isn't even fully explained until much later in the series. This beginning also heralds in a string of butchery far outpacing that of his initial journey, a serial killing that would only be rivaled by the holocaust that is God of War 3.

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Drachaus4087d ago

This is a really good editorial. So much so, I actually kind of want to try God of War again. Thanks!

rrquinta4087d ago

Yeah it makes me want to move the games up on my backlog list...

VINNIEPAZ4087d ago

One of my favorite games I've ever played. So glad I got the HD collection ones!

tigresa4087d ago

F%ckers been busy since God of War 1.

dwightmccarthy4087d ago

damn so badasss when you see it in one big list like this

Hell-Helghast4087d ago

Hmm gonna have to buy the hd collection already have gow3.

Snarkasaur4087d ago

It's well worth it, and I actually enjoyed playing the Ps3 version of GoW1 better than the PS2 version, even aside from the graphics improvement.

K-Tuck4087d ago

It's well worth it. Thirty bucks, two games, two platinum trophies.

maniac764087d ago

just playn the gow1 hd on ps3,wotta great game and graphics,cant wait to play the second and to see how amazing the third one will look

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