Microsoft cuts European price of add-on drive for Xbox

Microsoft announced Monday a 20-euro cut in the price of its HD DVD add-on drive for the Xbox 360 dealing a new blow to PS3's rival Blu-ray disc system. The blue-laser high-definition-disc drives are to retail in Europe for 180 euros (244 dollars).

Stand-alone movie players for the HD DVD format are to be offered in Europe for less than 300 euros, Toshiba said last week at the IFA consumer-electronics trade show in Berlin.

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djt234153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

wow that pretty good
US player mu.. feel rip off
and remember eur xbox 360 come with HDMI port
and they are getting HD drive for free

fjtorres4153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

Last I looked, US 360 prices were running about 30% lower than euro prices. Of course, US prices don't include sales tax (typically 8-10% or so), but still they're on the right side of the comparison.

Just because MS isn't ripping europeans off doesn't mean they're making the money up elsewhere; they're just not ripping anybody off.
Current US prices are:
Core - $279
Pro - $349
Elite- $449
HD-DVD- $179 <--- Seen as low as $149 or with as many as 8 movies

Run the currency converter at to see what those prices come out as.

ActionBastard4153d ago

"dealing a new blow to PS3's rival Blu-ray disc system"....riiiight ;)

Master_Mind4153d ago

This link it will point out the hopefull death to blue and sony for there ubundant lies, root kits and BS...

Soon Sony will enlisting in the services of HD-DVD to sell there movies

MaximusPrime4153d ago

old news and i dont care. Still Bluray winning. More and more indepentant film studios moving to Bluray.

diatom4153d ago

Not sure x-bots should be pointing out Sony's malfeasance.

Vista is one giant DRM clogged root kit (

Go to google and search Microsoft + Evil and count the hits.

MaximusPrime4153d ago

im from london and i never ever seen Xbox HD DVD Drive anywhere.

diatom4153d ago

Game has em, usually tucked in the back... They are a fair deal, but if you wait a bit you can buy a standalone for almost the same price and it wont sound like a vacuum cleaner when playing movies.

Master_Mind4153d ago

If independant movie makers try that..If big companies arent flipping the dime to make this crap format and seell it. Then why would a small comany like independants? And why would they when HD is better and cheaper.. Please sony will never accomplish a format takover im sorry to burst your bubble..There too incompetant to do so...

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The story is too old to be commented.