IGN Video Review: Lair

IGN's Greg Miller reviews Lair. In this video, Miller illustrates and expounds on the problems of the targeting system and SIXAXIS control. The video also includes new gameplay footages.

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HowarthsNJ4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago ) his gameplay footage.

I don't care for the ACE COMBAT like play structure, but there's nothing wrong with the controls. No pop-in either.

He probably used an old de-bug PS3 & sixaxis to do the review.

I find it amazing that most of the IGN Playstation team don't even own a PS3. One would think that a requirement for the job.

Gunner_Ali4088d ago

the video review was positve then the written one whats up with that lookin forward to gametrailers review defenitly

IQUITN4G4088d ago

Not exactly positive what he said.

It shouldn't stop people buying the game if they want to marvel at the lush epic landscapes but stop kidding yourself this is anything special - too many people have slammed it to be that.

Noticed quite a bit of chugging which is a sure to pull a player out of the experience somewhat.

AcidRhain4088d ago

Play mag is getting paid.

Makidian4088d ago

This review is total garbage, if he was playing the game right then picking the Beasts out aren't a problem because the targeting system picks out the beast for you and automatically swoops down to pick it up at which time you get to drop it in the Mokai army simultaneous;y killing a bunch of troops. He was purposefully playing that chapter wrong for this review, he shouldn't have even been on the ground. I think people forget that you are flying a DRAGON and Factor 5 wnated that as close to what it could have been like in real life and the controls are perect for that. The targeting system is fine and the reviewers that keep painting this game in a bad light like this should be ashamed that they can't play videogames or do a proper review.

Lex_Yayo_4074088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

The hell with some of these reviews I own the game, and yeah their right the sixaxis is kinda complicated in the BEGINING because we don't use it like that but after you got it down pack your ready to go and have fun. This game is fun to the tee, from graphics to gameplay and me personally you aint no real gamer if you aint into that future technology. I personally give this game a 8.5