Ars Technica reviews Lair

Ars Technica editor Ben Kuchera reviews Lair but does not give a score.

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trane074064d ago

Looks like im spending my 60 on something else. Lets get some shoes betch!!

Cartesian3D4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

may be thats because there is no PRO gamer on SIXAXIS controler(its new).. so All reviewers Sux in control ..

just need some training.. may be I have a HUGE power for conrol a Dragon that other ppl havent..who knows :P ...

anyway I agree that they must put an option for analog stick .. but this problem isnt that bad..

hope to see a Patch for it.. u must pay the price.. every level is as big as entire Oblivion game .. in Gears of War quality... (fanboy? .. but its true:) u can see it yourself)

ktchong4064d ago

It's too late to change the control because the game is already out.

However, the developer *should* work on a new patch to let gamers have the option of using analog control, although at this point it won't help the reviews.

zigzag4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

is the game good

Loudninja4064d ago

Go figure, its easy to compalain or talk about something you never played

ktchong4064d ago

I was in a store the other day to check on if they have already gotten Halo 3, and they were already selling Lair. They had a copy for playtesting, and I got to play it... well, the reviews are right. More than the bad control, I was surprised by the poor frame rates.