Lost Odyssey: Official Site Launched (Japanese)

RPGamer's Michael Cunningham reports: "An official website for Lost Odyssey has launched. This Japanese-based site features art and information about two of the game's main characters, Kaim Argonar and Seth Balmore. It also offers new screenshots and the E3 movie for viewing. Visitors will also be treated to some offerings from the game's soundtrack, composed by veteran Nobuo Uematsu."

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kewlkat0074067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

This game has been on the Radar. I'm gonna enjoy this one and Eternal Sonata.

I had to check the site, if anybody into RPG OST's like me, click on the link and click the "Game Info" and listen to that TUNE, in the backround.

Just, beautiful track..I know I'm geeky like that.

Can't wait...Nobuo Uematsu is a genius.

Anyone knows how to rip/record music tracks from Website?

tplarkin74067d ago

I don't know how to rip it, other than playing it and then recording it from your speakers to the PC mic.

Hugh Hefner4067d ago

Has been doing many things to garner support in Japan. Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata and Lost Odyssey are all games that Japanese traditionally go ga-ga for. Too bad their blind loyalty to Asian companies does not let them enjoy a 360 (for most).

ktchong4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

iPod would not have outsold its Japanese competitors in Japan.

The problem with most American products is that they generally have a very bad reputation overseas: they are expensive, have poor quality control, and are not durable. It's not because Asians are "loyal", it's because Americans have failed to compete -- it's your American pride that has prevented you from seeing or admitting that truth.

Xbox 360 is already dead, dead, dead when the quality issue broke out. Japanese people DEMAND quality in their products. When Microsoft was scandalized with the Red Ring of Death and the subsequent historical repair bill, Xbox 360 basically became dead in Japan. After those issues, most Japanese would never touch the Xbox 360 now.

Hugh Hefner4067d ago

Nah you are mixing Ipods with console gaming. The original Xbox was a great product, very reliable, and it tanked even more horribly than the 360 right now.

Actually, the 360 is doing better now than in its first year there, when the reliability problems were largely unknown (it wasn't even selling 1,000 a week at some points). So I don't think your argument of "Japanese only buy quality" stands out.

In terms of consoles, Japanese will always prefer Nintendo and Sony, and most will stay away from Microsoft, reliability is an not a big factor in this.

Lex Luthor4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

Sony and Nintendo are very deeply rooted and established console makers in japan. Comparing console to music players is like apples and oranges, Microsoft will never be fully accepted in Japan in the console business.

power of Green 4067d ago

I agree Gaming is considered Japans National Identity, Gaming is part of life there. Ipods and Levi jeans hardly proves the Japanese are not bias in what they think they are the world leading champions in.

jcgamer4067d ago

main theme gave me goosebumps...definitely keeping this on the radar...

kewlkat0074067d ago

track..anyone wants it let me know.

Elginer4067d ago

this game looks awesome

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