Naughty Dog's Big Secret

Astute IGN readers have uncovered some interesting information while reading through the online resume of videogame voice actor, Robin Atkin Downs. Among the credits listed on his page, which include Halo 2 and Dirge of Cerberus, is a mysterious Naughty Dog title known simply as "Big." Of course, this is news to us since Naughty Dog hasn't released a game of that name for any platform

Source - IGN

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JIN KAZAMA5384d ago

i never saw this vide, this looks amazing. I cant wait for the game either. Imagine this in HD, the jungle looks awesome, compare this jungle to the tobm raider junle, night and day difference. PS3 is just looking solid.

PS3 Owns All5384d ago

This will be a must get for the PS3! This along with RE5,MGS4, DMC4, FF13, FFvs13 and many other games will make the PS3 superior! Let's face it! The PS3 will be one ultimate kicka$$ next gen console and will have the post powerfulest guns!

Siesser5384d ago (Edited 5384d ago )

One of the games I'm really looking forward to. If you tweak that final picture enough, you get better detail of the map. Specifically, the Bermuda Triangle.

If you luck in the upper right of the map,

you see what appears to be Poseidon riding aquatic horses; which leads to Atlantis being the theme, most likely.

kewlkat0075384d ago

Is this yet another CGI?

Siesser5384d ago

No. According to the game designer: "The entire trailer was rendered in real-time using our PS3 game engine. All of the models, textures, shaders and effects are in-game."

taken from

kewlkat0075384d ago

What makes this game must get? Whats so diffrent then the games we have been playing the last 5 years?(don't wanna here Pixels per square inch)?

Siesser5384d ago

The game just looks fun. Faith in the developer, plus the fact that it looks good. As far as "different from any game in the past 5 years," I can only think of one game that has been that, and that was Indigo Prophecy. Every other game just naturally builds upon preset formulas. Doesn't make them less fun or less worth owning.

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