Atari release dates

Publisher Atari has released a new release list today. On this list you also find some Xbox 360 titles, below with Eternal Sonata that will release on 9 November same as Ace Combat 6:Fires or Liberation thats is planned on 23 November this year.

31 aug. 2007 Tamagotchi Party on (Wii)
31 aug. 2007 DBZ Goku Densetsu (NDS)
7 sept.2007 Wild Earth (PC)
14 sept. 2007 Dungeons & Dragons Tactics (PSP)
12 okt. 2007 Neverwinter Nights 2 Mask of the betrayer (PC)
12 okt. 2007 Lucinda Green Aquestrian Challenge (PS2)
19 okt. 2007 Naruto ultimate Ninja 2 (PS2)
26 okt. 2007 The Witcher (PC)
9 nov. 2007 Eternal Sonata (360)

For the total list, check the link below

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SuperSaiyan44064d ago

Wo wo hang on a sec its published by Atari???

OMG!!! This could mean the first ever decent game ever to be published by them! WOW!!

Relientk774064d ago

dude i totally miss Atari

Atari 2600 rules!

Pete_Approved4064d ago

:P Lol.. that was ages ago. Now there life and kicking with some nice games.

Relientk774064d ago

yes but a classic is a classic