Call of Duty: Black Ops Driving 'Unprecedented Traffic' to PSN, says Sony

The shooter category is largely associated with the Xbox 360 console, and previous games like Modern Warfare 2 and Halo: Reach have posted some incredible numbers on Xbox Live. And while today Activision noted that Black Ops set a new record with over 2.6 million players on Xbox Live for day one, Sony has noted that the game also pushed a huge spike in traffic for the PlayStation Network.

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T9X694583d ago

This is a no brainer. COD is the most played game on PS3/360.

Seijoru4583d ago

Unfortunately. Or maybe fortunately, 'cause that means all the annoying little kids will stay out of other games' multiplayer.

T9X694583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

You would think so, but some how they manage to pop up everywhere. I'm glad I'm a night person because I hardly ever play with little kids, unless I stay on past 8am EST, then the little kiddies start logging on before they go to school :/

EDIT: Quick question for Black Ops players on PS3. How many times do you see someone and their emblem is a damn dick, or a horse screwing a gorilla, or something along those lines. I swear to god at least half of every game I get into (during the day mostly) over 3/4 of everyone's emblem is a damn penis or some sort of animal screwing another animal. Sick little pricks.

TOO PAWNED4583d ago

i noticed couple of d1cks

vickers5004583d ago

I haven't noticed any of that but I haven't really looked. I have come acrossed 2 douchebags with swastikas though.

ChineseDemocracy4583d ago

Not a big fan of the swastikas, doubt the people who actually use them as an emblem have the capacity to understand the significance behind the symbol.

Haven't seen any penises, but I have seen a few clever emblems (combinations of layers)

Cenobia4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

I have actually never seen genitalia as an emblem. Unfortunately, like vickers, I have seen the swastika though.

I rarely come across annoying little kids. The only time I remember a little kid playing was when I was paired with a guy playing split screen with his little brother in Zombie mode. I could hear him freaking out when he got overwhelmed.

It is actually really fun to play zombie mode when 1 guy is completely incompetent. I highly recommend it. More than 1 though and it ends at like the fifth round.

hennessey864582d ago

going back to cod4 black ops is shit

NecrumSlavery4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

I have seen a few dudes with boners shooting explosions, and suprisingly a lot of racist emblems like swatickas. Mostly its skulls and stuff.

My emblem is a guy in a suit with a chainsaw for a hand(Army of Darkness-like) shooting a deadite zombie in the face.

Name Last Name4582d ago

LOL you're right, I have seen 3 emblems of a horse fucking a gorrilla and one of a dick in a skulls mouth :S

cyborg69714582d ago

I've seen a ton of those avatars. But you know what they say as long as there is basement dwelling virgin nerds the sheep will be scared.

OT BO is way better than mw2 having fun with this one.

Psychic_Waffle4582d ago

"all the annoying little kids will stay out of other games' multiplayer."

More like everyone will stay out of other games' multiplayer. At least for PS3.

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thematrix12984582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

Swastikas is a religious symbol for us Hindus for more than 6000 years.

Game-ur4582d ago

A reveres Swastika is also some kind of Japanese bushido code

Convas4582d ago

Correct sir, the word you're looking for is "Manji".

NecrumSlavery4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

Manji is the 3rd temple in the original zelda and it looked like a swasticka.

But am about 99% that 99.999% of the people who use the swasticka as an icon/emblem are not respecting hindu/japanese/native american/etc culture or history.

heres the dungeon in zelda btw:

vickers5004582d ago

I did not know that. However these swastikas were almost certainly not meant for religious symbolism.

It was the nazi flag (the red flag with a white circle with the swastika in the circle) that I saw, and I don't think that can be confused with the hindu symbol.

Active Reload4582d ago

The swastika is the same symbol as the cross in Christianity and it all represents homosexuality.

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donniebaseball4583d ago

I'd love to see the actual breakdown in sales between PS3 and 360 for Black Ops

raztad4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )


@To the people disagreeing.

Why no to post your real numbers if you disagree with mines? I would like to know them

Active Reload4583d ago

Is your "55" for the PS3 or the 360? I haven't agreed or disagreed with you yet.

donniebaseball4583d ago

As far as I know there haven't been any official numbers, so those probably aren't reliable

raztad4583d ago


I just realized this was an article about UK only. Well, probably it would be something like that.

@Active Reload

Are you serious about that question?

Killed4Less4583d ago Show
plb4583d ago

Last I played it on PSN there was over 800,000 players

hoops4583d ago

All these gamers playing a bug infested game....

visualb4582d ago

like FO:NV. I got the PC version, so I can't complain, but buying a broken game = bad for the industry -

RBLAZE19884582d ago

Black ops really isn't broken. I think it is of the same calliber as cod4 mw multiplayer wise. It just has some lag and server issues. Now fallout is pretty bad and the fact it sold 5 million copies discusts me.

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