Gran Turismo 5: Expert Hands-On

Amar212, infamous GT insider and founder of Croatian fan-site GT Surgeons, finally has his hands on a copy of Gran Turismo 5! Instead of sharing pictures or videos, though, he’s focused on providing hard-core fans with all the details in a comprehensive and thorough review of the game. This review isn’t about comparing it to other racers or whether or not the title is worth your money – it’s a detailed study of how each new feature in GT5 actually works and how the gameplay unfolds.

Better yet, Amar’s review is going on right now, and you can watch his journey through the game as he shares several updates throughout the day.

"Physics are fantastic. In the line somewhere between cruelty of Academy TT Demo and Prologue. My first ride was Trial Mountain with F40, S1 tyres, all aids OFF (ABS on 1), Professional setting. I spun on lap 2, went into Pause Menu and found out about new addition in Quick Options - Interior View Angle."click to read the review"

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Accidental_Nuke4340d ago

It's killing me! I can't wait for this game. The holy grail of racers!

Cevapi884340d ago

very detailed...i feel bad now because i read it :(

ExplosionSauce4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

'"I took a moment to pay attention, but - you just don't see the difference during the race. On my set - and I'm using an 50" plasma - all Standard cars look like a Prologue cars in-race. It is more-less visible in the replay, but overall I think PD did a very decent job in mixing the two breeds."'
- Cool

"189 songs"
- That's pretty awesome as well.

I hope/wonder this is the real final version he's reviewing and not the semi-final preview version.
But sounds good so far :)

ryuzu4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

^^ This is the real version - Amar is well known in the GT world (amongst others!). Based on what he's said the belief is that the other versions were also "release" editions too.

The other guys who got copies first don't seem to know as much about GT as Amar does so I think they weren't able to answer questions well.


Sarcasm4340d ago

"GT5 physics is the most advanced physics any any GT game to date, more complex than Prologue, demanding as Academy TT physics, but much more subtile and profound. Tire-snap is now logical, you can feel the surface, suspension and weight on tires and you can perfectly determine what is going on with the tire-grip. I'm impressed with modeling of suspensions - feel of the road is phenomenal and in every moment you know what your car is doing through the force feedback effect delivered on the wheel."

room4144339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

"Oh, and one very important thing for the very end - almost forgotten in lights of news - there is no Rewind. Thank you Kazunori-san, ありがとうございました."

very happy to hear this

ikkokucrisis4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

I'm really close to pulling the trigger on getting a racing wheel, seat, the works.

I'm very curious to know what the pros use!

Boody-Bandit4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

The hardcore GT fans prefer the Logitech g25 and g27. A good affordable cockpit is the Playseat Evolution. That is how I played GT Prologue.

Now I am using a DIY cockpit with a Megan Racing seat, a Fanatec 911 S wheel and clubsport pedals. I ordered a Fanatec GT3 RS v2 just for GT5 but I probably wont receive it until a week after it's released. I waited too long to pull the trigger on it. Next year I will either have a custom built cockpit by a machinist or place an order for a Gamepod Evo from the UK.

ikkokucrisis4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

Brutally Honest,

Thanks for the quick and informative reply!

Yea, I was looking to get the Playseat (from Amazon), but it's interesting to hear you were considering on changing to a GamePOD (I haven't seen too many reviews/videos/images of people with it).

What didn't you like about the Playseat Evo that you think the GamePOD might resolve for you?

ShinMaster4339d ago

"Oh, and one very important thing for the very end - almost forgotten in lights of news - there is no Rewind Thank you Kazunori-san"

Haha good, realism FTW!

Boody-Bandit4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

I have nothing bad to say about the Playseat Evo. I just want to move up the ladder a bit. The Gamepod Evo runs about 1.5k shipped. The Playseat can be purchased for a fraction of that price. It's definitely the better value unless money is no object.

I still have a Forza 3 edition Playseat Evo. I am using it as a secondary cockpit in my basement when I want to escape my family for a little me time. I strongly recommend getting te slider for the Playseat and consider picking up a Buttkicker Gamer 2 to add tactile response. They are incredible at how much immersion they add to gaming.

The most common complaint from some with the Playseat Evolution is the bar goes between your feet. I never found this to be a problem for me personally but that is the main gripe I hear used most often.

Ilikegames764339d ago

you're not making the wait for GT5 any easier by showing those amazing images. As for mounting the steering wheel, I would recommend Apiga AP2. There is not column or bar in the middle to hit you legs with and it's adjustable.

ikkokucrisis4339d ago

Alright, I think I'm going to start off with the playseat evo, thanks for all your advice!

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Hanif-8764340d ago

I just can't wait until next week i could tell by the screenshots online that standard cars looked close to their premium counterparts :-)

I just hope that the Bugatti Veyron is premium being that i heard some bad things about the 1031 car list that they released.

Si-Fly4340d ago

Where have you been? Veyron is standard.

Venatus-Deus4340d ago

Expect a lot of DLC for this game. Maybe more than any other Sony title.

Cars and Track packs to give you what you want.

poindat4340d ago

Knowing the high quality and standards that PD creates things to, this is one of the few games where I actually support and will readily buy DLC.

HelghastDrake4340d ago

expect a 7.5 from IGN. Is it just me or has IGN been way off lately with their reviews?, its like they are playing a "me to" game with Edge, trying to outdo them with gaming review doucheness.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall4340d ago

If IGN gave GT5 a 7.5 I'm sure it would be justified. After all, reviews are just opinions and just like assholes, everyone has one.

If I had to choose between the opinion of IGN or you, no offence but with name like "HelghastDrake" I'd choose IGN.

ShinMaster4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

Let's be honest here, you fanboys would choose whoever gave it the lower scores.

And with a name like yours, as misinformed as you may be, how can someone take anything you say seriously.
So GTFO troll.

im-12-years-old4340d ago

If i had to choose between the Nazis or IGN for my game reviews....

Random SS: My Führer, what did you think of gt5

Hitler: 10/10

Yep Nazis it is

ryuzu4340d ago

Don't talk it down dudes. From what Amar has posted and what tidbits we've seen, GT5 is in no way deserving of an average or below score.

I don't think even the most anti-PS3 site could argue that GT5 is anything less than very good and most non-partisan commentators will agree it is exceptionally good.

I can make that prediction solely on the basis of GT5P which has a meta of around 80 with about 1 percent of the cars and tracks, worse physics, no career structure, worse graphics and much else besides.


UnwanteDreamz4339d ago

LMMFAO Mandatory you wagging the finger for name credibility? Seriously thank you man I havent laughed this hard all day.

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MaximusPrime4340d ago

Kotaku review : 6/10 - GT5 is brilliant apart from awfully long loading time.

Lol, I wouldn't be surprised if Kotaku gives GT5 a low mark.

ShinMaster4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

EDGE review: 5/10 - Too much variety and features.

Ilikegames764340d ago

xbox360 magazine will give it a 1/10 for it being only available on the PS3.

vickers5004340d ago

No, that was Gamespot that said that bs.

ShinMaster4339d ago

Oh, I thought that was Edge on LBP.
Nvm then, lol

STONEY44339d ago

It was Gamespot on Ratchet and Clank I think.

"too much variety"

Steve_04339d ago

Eurogamer: 5/10
Couldn't tell the difference between the game and the 24 hours Le Mans race on the tv, so I was unable to play.

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Krugsy4340d ago

I think IGN has purposely started rating more harshly...I think they have (maybe) realized that they're been waaay too lenient on game scores. IMO however, if I had to choose a major site, I would go with gamespot, they don't give out big scores willy nilly.

ForNgoods4340d ago

didnt they give halo reach and forza 9.5? seems pretty high to me. Not saying they're not good games but that score seems a little undeserved. Maybe an 8.5 or 9.0 at the highest which is still respectable.

PhoenixDevil4340d ago

Hence why a pac man game scoreed a perfect 10 recently ?

plumber154340d ago

go with iwaggle3D best reviewer on youtube

mfwahwah4339d ago

ForNgoods, you named two very popular games, which arguably DO deserve the score.

Try naming something with a little weight to it before you start using it as a counter.

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TrevorPhillips4340d ago

IMO I would rate this game a 9.8/10. I mean come on this game has way too many features :D

Kurt Russell4340d ago

based on the hype you've read into, or the dream that you had last night?

TrevorPhillips4340d ago

or how lame you just sounded =/

Kurt Russell4340d ago

Yeah, I must be mental trying not to throw review scores around for games I haven't even played yet :/

seinfan4340d ago

Now you really know there are a lot of major fanboys for this series. They hate your sound reasoning.

UnwanteDreamz4339d ago

Wow I don't remember Kurt Russell being such a pr*ck. Come on Snake go easy man.

Seriously though he gave an opinion and you act like he kicked your cat. Grow the fuck up man

Kurt Russell4339d ago

Maybe it was a bit of an over reaction, but I'm Kurt Russell goddammit.

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level 3604340d ago

Steering wheel users are going to be absolutely ecstatic about this game.

Have cleaned and polished my G25 on the 25th ( Australia time - 24th U.S. ) RACE DAY!!!

JAMurida4340d ago

It will be interesting to see what IGN and Gametrailers give the game.